Feeding a Servitor

In more recent theories, I realized that abstract forms of energy (solar or electric energy) are not considered adequate to be offered to the server, but what if their food is the mental (or spiritual) energy of other human beings, would that be possible? Taking into account the law of resemblance, could it feed on the same type of energy that gave it life, but from sources (people) adverse? For example, might a servant whose purpose is to weaken an enemy be commanded to feed on his forces?

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Yes. It is possible. Hvae you heard about Psychic Vampyrism? Michael W. Ford gives a technique on his book “The Vampyre Gateway” were you can create a servitor to steal the energy of other people in the night to bring it to you and in return you can command the servitor to take some of than energy for himself. I haven’t tried the technique, but due to the reputation that Michael W. Ford has I know that it will work and be powerful.

In my opinion, feeding on other people’s energy (chi, prana…etc) or your own sexual energy is the best and most powerful way to feed a servitor, but there are other methodsthat work too


I created a servitor that was able to feed on solar, galactic, cosmos energy just fine. I don’t know why someone would say those weren’t good sources.

An an energy worker I think human qi of any kind is never a good source personally, as it’s much weaker in comparison, and naturally imbalanced and influenced by another sentient being, which means you also have to design in filters and balancing structures to refine it so unexpected imbalanced don’t damage your servitor, and work harder to get the energy. I realise vampirism is romantic and trendy, but it’s like taking water from a muddy puddle when you’re standing right next to a clean waterfall. Human vampires have system damage that prohibit them from using the bigger sources, if you’re able to get the better source I recommend it.