Fed up with my neighbors

Master curse them cuz they deserve it. It might get them to move out due to troubles they get from curse. That’s what I heard. I curse before but no feedback as not in touch with them. It’s all speculation as i’ve Not witness curse effect. Beginner here , don’t know if magick works. Just doing the process n trusting those that wrote them GOM books. Did curse down stair neighbor. Don’t interact with him so don’t have feedback

Instead of a curse why don’t you use a servitor that can simulate hauntings
you can make it extremely creepy to them
there are 3 favorable aspects to a servitor instead of a curse
1 clean hands (no karma or whatever)
2 you can direct it to whoever is annoying you even if you don’t know who they are
3 if you make it really creepy in the haunting business they might move out

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That sounds brilliant, I have to research servitors a bit more. I didn’t really look into it too much in the past. I would love to be able to creep out not just neighbors but other people who get on my nerves.

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don’t know much about servitor. one step at a time. just focusing on demons of goetia right now.

servitors can be quite useful easy to manage, fast to create and it’s really easy to learn the basic process of creating them.
I guess the goetia can take quite a long time to master it, but to understand the creation of servitors you don’t need that much time.
so if you take a break from the goetia you can use a little time a day and in a short period you will manage it

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The person with the blueberry idea, good one! You can do that too sonic. You can use any entity god or goddess after researching of course, and use their name in the spell. I put Lord and Lady because this was back in the day before I chose the lhp. In curse type spells, and some would say a binding is a type of curse due to going against someones free will mind you, I try to make the punishment fit the crime. Doing a major curse when it may not be warranted could affect your karma, and that’s why I sent what I did. I know these kinds of ass hats can really get to you, but think things thru ya know. Good luck!

don’t know if karma is real. not proven. however, i’m not worried. I have done plenty good deeds since birth. never wanted to harm anyone til now. hahaa.

Ok gotcha. Many things are not proven. I’m speaking from experience, I did wrong in the past, and got a karmic ass whooping lol, wasn’t funny then! What goes around comes around, ya know that old chestnut. I’m firm believer that f someone does you or your loved ones serious physical harm, or undeserved magical harm, really crosses the line with you or yours, then it’s stupid not to curse. Then it’s on like donkey Kong, but for minor shit, use minor shit, because sometimes telling someone go fuck yourself is all it takes haha

It’s not. I mean–it’s as real as you want it to be. People project their own fears on others and overlook cause-and-effect.

some things i don’t make a big deal of. like god. i don’t know if he’s real. never visited me or made my life easier. If it is real then so be it. Not like he’s actively helping me. IF he is, he’s/she’s not showing proof of it. I know some things don’t need to be proven . They need to be experienced. Some times it’s self fulfilling prophecy of believing something so strongly that you make it come true. Like karma. One of the reasons i don’t trust karma is because i see sooo many wrong in the world and they don’t get punish.

I don’t want to hurt others without justification. So all my intent to harm is always because they did something wrong first that is beyond tolerance.

I’m afraid I have to agree. I know of two pedophiles who were never arrested or paid for their crimes. One actually went on to have a nice family, successful business and lots of material wealth. No consequences, at least from the outside.

I have also seen innocent people, children who suffered severe child abuse and live miserable lives due to trauma. I have always wondered, where’s the justice?

So i don’t know if it was me trashing the police for not doing their jobs to deal with the noisy drug dealers on the anonymous police tip website. or if it was the magick. For 3 days it’s quiet alleyway. Ocassional blasting music but i yell for them to lower music. I hear that telling each other to lower sound cuz people in building will call police. Finally silent sleep I haven’t got for a long time. I don’t know how long it will last. The homeless moved a block away. ONly the few 3 tents here. before it was 10. And the 2-3 tents are the noisy drug dealers. So if i call police and they come, they will know who is the noise maker. Before , there is too much tents so they can’t pinpoint who is the noise maker.

Don’t know if it’s magick or effort trashing police not doing job that i lost respect for them. Atleast some quiet here. Hope it keeps staying quiet.

Assume it is the magick.

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Hey that’s good news to hear. It sounds like the situation is changing and maybe the people might eventually get out of there :+1:

Yea sometimes I notice the magick is helped by doing other mundane things to get things going.

so far another day of quiet. I’m sure they will still be there. Atleast they definitely know i’ll call police if they blast music. They will tell others they know to keep it down. They know i mean business. they don’t know me but they know the guy from 4th floor building shouting at them and swearing at how dumb they are to not use headphones. haha. Or the guy that says, your too fucking noisy, i called police, they say they coming . And then the drug dealers move out for the hr. Some of the others went one block away. So there is 2 tents that police can do process of elimination to find the drug dealers. I told them these folks are drug dealers. Police so stupid to not remember them. Or they dont’ care. Keep calling and they will relocate. Just gotta let them know you called by shouting it out. Police don’t come anyways. Atleast there is track record of noise and drug dealers tip for the police.

I think combo of magick and everyday effort harrassing police to do their job.

Here’s update. I think me layering magick and being persisting on the homeless drug dealers blasting music has helped. Don’t ask me which magick. I went through a bunch of magick from GOM books. Make neighbor quiet, cleanse location clearing spells, make them move, force leaving, etc… I didn’t do the master curse on them cuz i couldn’t get the name. stop noise spell or whatever etc…
I didn’t keep track of which spell. I just did them all to direct at drug dealers noisy ones.

Guess what? Now the police put up metal blackades also known as portable metal barricade so they can’t put up their tents. There are some homeless but no tents. Atleast that way they are quiet and don’t be hiding drugs in tent. So i guess in some way it works. Just keep trying and not lust for results. Keep trying and continue to cast spells don’t mean your lusting for results. Your layering. You not doubting your magick like some say you are. It all depends on your focus. You would know if your desperate in your magick. There is a different in lusting for results and layering and keeping the spell momentum going. It’s not like it’s the same spell your casting over and over. Your asking different demons and different spells which i see as attacking from different angles and directions.

Finally some quiet instead of blasting music all nite and day long. Hopefully it last a long time.

Congrats on the good results you’re receiving for all of your hard work!! GOM books have been amazing for me so far, and I agree that layering spells over time has far reaching effects for me too :ok_hand:

I am actually wondering which book you used to cleanse up your location. People who live around here are getting worse every year.

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These are what i remember. =o)

(angels of wrath) / force exile/destroy wealth/ destroy business, destroy with wrath,cause darkness, bring judgement,
( magickal protection)/cleanse any space,
(sigils of power)banish neg energy, protect against psychic attack, remove unwanted attention, bring peace to home, make neighbor quiet, ease people out of life,
(demons of wraths) create conflict between homeless
And use Adventure of sex magick to get rid of them. quiet /peaceful streets.
I think those are the main ones. I probably did more with individual demons too like invalidate magick in case someone curse me. And to attract good people in my life from Angels of love book.

An of course some on here would think that’s i’m lusting for results for doing so many magick. lol. That just shows you have stressful i am and how bad it is here. hahaaha. It’s not lusting cuz each of those are different spells.

They came back this morning ,however, police came and kick all homeless out saying you guys make too messy trashing the streets, don’t come back. lol

I think persistence is key to magick working. It’s not cast one time and that’s it. How does one know that casting once is enough or even done properly. It’s also harassing police to do their jobs too and reporting the noise daily til they get sick of it. Not just the noise, also the littering reports.

Same with revenge/justice magick. Cast from all sides /directions. How does one know the spell works? Better to have many spells from different demons/angels do the justice/revenge. You don’t know if each spell is 100% effective. I rather get 20 spells with 60% damage than one spell with 100% yet the success rate is lower on casting 1 time 100% expectancy spell… If one cast many spells the odds of some of the attack is hitting the target. Might not be full 100% attack , however, many 40% attack can add up to more than one attack of 100%. It’s like playing video rpg games. You can’t do one hit kill all the time. lol :smiling_imp:

as for breaking someone up. i would do the 33 days , master curse on main enemy, and individual spells to make life hell for him, destroy wealth, anxiety, hate between them, etc… You get the idea. Curse spell on both and on individual. Since it’s with different demons, they sure can work out well. It’s like one attack the head, other the arm and another the legs. PUt together, it gets the work done. =o) Some would call it lusting for desire. I call it layering.

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Dude, I can relate to this topic very much. I have the the most asshole neighbors. This guy is the kind hit my window at night maybe accidentally and after going to their door complaining why u hit my window waking me up, threatens me saying him and his sons and family will kick my ass if I argue. Now I know how its bad to go to jail etc cause I know ppl who have been there so because I didn’t want to waste my life to go to jail for starting a fight or breaking this man and his sons and son in law jaw, I fucking tolerate.

If I had a chance to give this bastard faggot a good lesson I would destroy his youngest son who is important to his motherfucking bitch daddy.

I really wish that happen but on the other hand there’s a lot of these shitty ppl around here and sometimes I think if I ever wanna wack the assholes around here, the city will lose much more than half of the population but still it’s a good thing to happen though.

The lesser assholes around, the better vibe surrounds.

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It’s not just neighbors. Bad people everywhere. That’s why I choose the route of magick so that there is no chance to go to jail. Hurt them from behind the scenes. Some people just need a kicking in the behind or worse for messing up with my plans to better the quality of my life such as getting exfriend to abandon me for no reason. Not that i want to get her to return. That bridge is burned as i know some people can’t admit wrong so it just justice/revenge magick to make life difficult for them. People don’t go around being fake on purpose on me and think they are going to get away with it. Certain things i can’t tolerate. Such as stupidity and lies and sending partner to threaten me. Weather she sent him or not don’t matter. The fact that he threaten me was a big mistake as well as to treat me like a stranger after all i helped with. Her life wouldn’t be where it is without my help. She would of been lost on how to heal and might not even heal. Not to mention I got them to get close to each other by indirectly healing her and teaching her about connecting with people. Now through association and being fake on purpose to show no respect/gratitude when i help her with life/death surgery recover, they now both will suffer. Only when the magick works. It’s time to reverse the good i did.