Fed up with my neighbors

Hello, I am not really too much into the idea of cursing someone but this problem keeps popping up through the years.

Basically I live in a hectic downtown area in the city for most of my life, and moving is not an option for me right now. The building I live in some people are uneducated and can be very nasty people if confronted. I don’t mess with people here but I do get stressed out by lots of noise and have told people to keep it down in the past. That’s about as bad as things get.

I have some neighbors or possibly neighbor, who likes to leave stuff on my doorstep. Sometimes crumbs of food or just garbage like empty boxes, and I think it’s been more than one person so far. I don’t know who they are and don’t wanna get a camera because I know myself and I will obsess about it due and probably check it over and over.

I am wondering how to curse someone I don’t know who it is but I want to basically teach people a lesson that it’s not ok to litter on my doorstep. Is there some way I could curse a person without knowing who it is, or they are?

I tried protection spells and they didn’t work for this issue. It’s very annoying…!!!


It’s best if you have a name, but you can also just say “my neighbors” or “those who disturb my home” or something along those lines in your request. There’s plenty of magick out there for quieting noisy neighbors, and this combined with a ritual to make your neighbors respect you and your space should suffice.

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Hi Shinri, thank you for your answer! :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if I could request help for it without having a name. This just happened again so I thought of this forum.

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Sometimes people are just too close lol, I can relate. I don’t think a protection spell is appropriate here. If it doesnt bother you to go against someones free will, you can do a binding spell. Just remember when you bind, to separate yourself clearly from that person. I have a Bind and Away With You Spell, when I find it, if I can post it, I will. Good luck!

I know how you feel. Same here. Downstair neighbor blasting rv during sleeping hours. Got that handled with new management of building which actually follow law. The old manager did shit for us even though our parents work for the owner. Then we get substituted with homeless drug dealers in alleyway next to us blasting music all night. Did some spells and it help a bit. but not totally got rid of them. most of them from gom books. to quiet neighbor to cursing the noisy ones. Problem is i don’t have a name so i can’t do specific spells. I might just do the master curse using general description and see what happens. did clearing spells , cleaning location spells which all last for few days . Just need to get rid of certain homeless drug dealer that attract the noisy ones. I know how he looks so maybe the demons will know. Been hectic not gettting sleep for these past 2 yrs. before it was ok with quiet homeless, but these guys noisy round the clock. mexicans and blacks. Time to cast curse for death on them. It’s just too much noise. Probably is no name. have to find a way to go around names and to use descriptions. The homeless got worse that why it’s noisy here. especially when they pass law to allow marijuana. Then they drug dealers out in the open.

I agree, I don’t like sharing walls with other people, lol. I can hear everything, and it’s too distracting when I need to focus on something.

Can you please explain to me why you don’t think a protection spell is appropriate?

I haven’t tried to bind them, and I agree I definitely do not want to be bound to them. If you can remember the one you did, I’d appreciate it!

I am having the same concern about not having a name or description of the person, or if it’s more than one person. I did a ritual from Archangels of Magick with Archangel Michael to weaken one who bullies me, and someone dumped food crumbs on my doorstep three days later. I was certain I thought I knew who it was, but then I saw men’s footsteps around the area, so my ritual possibly isn’t even on the right person :unamused: I thought it was this lady who I asked to keep her voice down because she shouts a lot.

I still haven’t gotten around to how I feel about cursing so I haven’t tried it yet. But the manager is getting involved now, so I am waiting to see if they found out who it is. I feel like I’m being harassed here. This kind of stuff didn’t used to happen up until like 2 years ago.

I know how it is being surrounded by crappy people and your home is your castle. I hope you manage to get rid of the people blasting music. Have you called the police? I’ve had to do it in the past with loud neighbors too, screaming throughout the night. I wish I lived in a house.

Every freaking nite i call police. THey do shit. All they do is clean the street for them from sanitation. They don’t care about noise or drug dealers. It’s not their home. Even though it’s breaking law to let them tent here all day and nite. Its cuz of that, they sleep during day and blast music dealing drugs at nite. Been over a yr or 2 so police should know who these folks are. Seems Homeless is the police’s boss. Police lost respect from me for not doing their job enforcing law that disrupt people who pay high rent and taxes. I know it’s not emergency however, it’s not first time. It’s constant for like 2 yrs. And they don’t even show up when you call. so the noise is all nite keeping you up. And they blast during day too so when you have day off, you can’t just chill. Noise pollution. If i have a gun i would shoot them already. if it weren’t against law. That’s how bad it is. So fucking easy to fix. Fine them and they will not blast music. Just fine them one time for punishment to each that blast music to send example and message. It’s that easy and they won’t do it. Stupid police just tell them to turn off music for one time and not future events. They don’t reprimand them. They clean streets for them. that’s reward not punishment. It’s like they living there rent free and do whatever. It was never this bad until they allow marijuana to be legal. so now they dealing in the open. Problem is police don’t bother with drug dealer because they think it’s marijuana but it’s other stuff too. Police are a bunch of pussies in my book now.

Give me a minute, I have to dig out my books! Sorry I’m a messy witch, I have several book of shadows from over the years. The one I’m gonna give you is one I wrote myself. Feel free to use it as an outline, and substitute any words as needed. Brb

For the spell, it’s best to perform it on a Saturday, and if it’s ever an immediate problem, do it right away, sometimes the best time is now lol.
Black figural candle or black candle. You can dress candle with any old you feel is appropriate, but use a drop or two of dragons blood oil with it. Same with incense. Find a red brick and pound it into dust. Pour a line on the ground where they’ve been trespassing and bothering you, then sprinkle cayenne powder on top of it. Use visualization and see them avoiding your doorstep as you do this. Then for spell, call on your deities and you don’t need to cast a circle unless you have time and space, altar is fine. Place figural candle on altar, light incense, then candle. Spell: Deity- Say name of target or describe target and situation. You are bound! By law of three. From head to toe! ( Say targets name, or describe ) You are bound, from head to toe! Do the same one more time. You must go Now! Do not come near! Say this two more times. I will remain free of your intrusion! Your annoyance comes to swift conclusion! Stay away from mine, stay away from me! Thou are bound, and sent away! Say previous sentence three times. As I will it, so mote it be! Then let candle burn completely, don’t put it out. Take all spell remnants and bury somewhere you will never return to. Hope this helps

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Preferably do this when moon is waning on a Saturday.

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Wow, thank you so so much @4648Cru, that was really helpful! I will get the ingredients for it and can’t wait to see how it goes :smile:

Hey sonic, you can do the away part of spell first, and then the binding to keep them away. I misread the chicken scratch in my bos haha. Like this: ( name or description) I bind you! I bind you this day, this hour, from head to toe! Three times three, thou art restricted, that you cannot harm mine or me. Lord and Lady work this spell. Spin it weave it, bind him well! Mighty Lord and Lady, hear my plea, as I so will it , it shall be!
Then when candle is burned halfway down, say the following: ( name or description) Away from me, away you must go! Stay away, far away! For your intrusion comes to a swift conclusion, there shall be no more of this annoyance! Away from mine away from me, as I will it, so shall it be! * Be sure to thank deity, and say respectful goodbye. Take all remnants of spell far from your home and bury in a place you will not visit again.

Lol, I did it backwards again! The away part should be first then binding.

Anyways, you get the idea, I apologize for my forgetfulness!:joy:

Just master curse the neighbor , they deserve it for being an ass. I did mine. somehow he didn’t keal over. lol still making noise once in a while. before it was nightly,. but then again, i had help with the new management who actually; follow the laws of quiet time after 10pm. Maybe the new management was the result of some spells i’ve cast to help with the noise. Luckily i know name of down stair neighbor as sometimes packages are left in the lobby. And it has tenant’s name. I have no remorse if bad things happen to neighbor as i’ve ask many times ask nicely to not blast tv and he was being an ass about it thinking he owns the building and do whatever he wants cuz he pays rent. So do all the other tenant paying rent too.

Get some blueberries, hold them in your hand willing the people to move. Toss the blueberries in their yard.

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It’s fine, thanks for clearing it up! I still really appreciate your giving me the info. It’s gonna come in handy when I am gonna do it. :laughing:

But I wonder how cursing will make them stop. Have you used the Master curse on someone before? I don’t see how they can put two and two together, if you know what I mean. Do you think they’ll learn to stop being noisy?

That sounds interesting, have you done this spell?