Fear of magick

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:rofl: this is something I told King Paimon when I knew he can manipulate my mind! “I am freaking out! Help!”. I find the best way to move over your fear is asking them to help you navigate it!


The more you practice the better you’ll get at keeping your emotions under control


That’s a good point. I definitely think getting over fear would be something he would specialize in giving since he gives dignities. I invoke him to make me more confident in my magickal abilities


you sound like me when i started a month ago i was very fearful very afraid to work with and see them so afraid id have axioty problems break down n cry i did th same thing i got fearful my first time and rushed to close the ritual but you have to conquer your fears to gt over them other wise youll be stuck never let fear hold you back from taking steps to succeed i kno how u feel i was there to i was just like you and now i have spoken to 10 of the 72 with no fear if i can do it you can to if you need anything or want to know my experiences feel free to pm me im excited to hear you went thru it taking the step n endoreing what is thrown at u is the first step n taking over your fears always remember that good luck


thank you so so much:D

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You may also try to stay centered and ride the fear, so that it fuels operations and your Ascent in proportion of its intensity.


thank you for the answer:D a great advice! ^^

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you probably didn’t offend King Piamon, Entities are not like humans. they don’t jump to small stuff like that, they are patient and are willing to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You are already doing what he wants you to do, which is reach out to him. Just go slow and take your time, he will help you every step of the way.


thank you for replying:)

When you ask for a sign, consider asking them to do something specific so you can expect it and prepare yourself for it so you aren’t as spooked if it occurs. If you are able to, try asking them to touch your shoulder gently. I haven’t done any evoking yet. I’m scared too. But I tell myself that I can do it. Use positive self talk and encouragement. Tell yourself that you CAN do it even if you are scared.

it is interesting =)

I used to be scared too. Just to even light a candle and sit in front of it during the night, the silence and darkness kind of brings in all the fear within me. I started doing the rituals during the day as the light kind of reduced the fear. Slowly when I was confident enough I started doing it at night. I wouldn’t say I’m entirely fearless now, but I have moved forward compared to how I was when I started all of this.

Lord Lucifer used to talk to me, through a friend and encouraged me to call upon him. That is how I gained confidence and started calling him. What I have learnt is once somehow you do what you are afraid of, the next time it gets less scarier.

Also, since my astral senses aren’t at the best level, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see or hear them like how I imagined I might be able to. I only used to sense them and this reduced my fear a lot to create a bonding first.

Hope this would help you.

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