Faustian Tradition

So, I am on a journey of exploring what tradition or path is right for me. I am definitely into traditional witchcraft and under that umbrella I have been looking at hedgery, draconian, and the faustian tradition. I just got Asenath Mason’s Book of Mephisto that focuses on the faustian tradition and let me tell you I have tried looking up this tradition and apart from this book there’s nothing out there. I have not started this book but I can tell I am going to love it! Anyone have any experience with this particular tradition?


I’ve read Goethe, does that count? :upside_down_face:


As far as I know, in the same way authors build on Lovecraft canon to create techniques out of a combination of Solomonic ceremonial magick and the Cthulhu mythos (among other things), as Faust is similarly fiction this is also that sort of thing, where you’re looking for “non-canon” work by mages inspired by the stories.

When you do find anything, it’s going to be in the tradition that that author works in, and I’m not really seeing how there can be such a thing as a Faustian current in it’s own right.

Which is good, as you are free to do the same - take whatever journeying or astral travel or remote viewing skillset that works and visit the realms of Faust yourself, ask the ones you meet there how to work with them best, and invent your approach as you go along.


Hey hold-up :policeman:t2: you’re just comment-jacking what I just said in another thread

I think Asenath Mason invented the Faustian tradition/magick based on the story. She is an amazing author though though, you can also look into the Temple of Ascending Flame if that current fits your spiritual path.

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Right. I’m not aware of anything outside of Goethe and Marlowe. My own name was taken from the Marlowe play.

Any such thing would likely have had strong Solomonic overtones, given the times when those plays were written.

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That’s not really sensible. Well, if you’re ONLY after the plays, yes, but Faust isn’t just the one play, they are books and plays based on a German legend of an actual man, philosopher, astrologer, mage and alchemist, Johann Georg Faust.

@Edith_Guzman that might be an interesting lead? - to look into the actual magic practiced by Faust himself, rather than the plays written about him. From what I’m seeing here, I think the plays are a bastardised version of his story written by his enemies, that he probably would have been mortified to see.

Wikipedia is shitty but not always guff:

The Faust of early books—as well as the ballads, dramas, movies, and puppet-plays which grew out of them—is irrevocably damned because he prefers human to divine knowledge: “he laid the Holy Scriptures behind the door and under the bench, refused to be called doctor of theology, but preferred to be styled doctor of medicine”.

He’s only “damned” (a xtian concept) by the xtians in the plays, because he goes against their teachings… if you’re not xtian, there’s no reason to assume you have to use Solomonic anything.
And what sovereign mage worth their salt these days really cares what those idiotic mind-controlled sheeple think?

So, I think it’s possible that a non-JCIS (Judeo/Islamic/Xtian/Satanic) religion type today would be attracted to working with his magick directly from a different tradition’s perspective. All magic is technically the same underneath the cultural and cosmological origin stories, so there’s no barrier there.

… those plays though, wtf, but did they do a number on Faust. Gotta love the part where the horny bitch that fucks him and gets pregnant murders her own newborn baby but gets held “innocent” and “goes to heaven” anyway. If it’s even true, I hate the pure, unapologetic evil inherent in xtian slave-mentality, probably fostered by the elites even back then. Give me the murderer that goes “yeah, I’m a monster” and owns it any day. At least he’s honest.


What? I have no idea what you said in another thread, sorry. :woman_shrugging:

I’m actually obliquely referring to the work of S Ben Quayin here. I am working his book, Black Book of Azathoth, and yes, it’s got elements inspired by Solomonic traditions, most western ceremonial magick does.

You’ll need to look elsewhere for your :policeman: weirdness. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That post lost all it’s sense as you haven’t answered it right as it got out ahahaha don’t worry
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I have been looking into it, thank you! I don’t know if it will end up being my spiritual path but I do find her style of writing and her whole persona hella interesting!

I don’t think it is necessarily invented by her as I did find this Occult publisher that by their own words “specializes in the Faustian tradition.” ENODIA Press | Occult Publishing

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I am currently going through the Introduction Project with the Temple of Ascending Flame, powerful stuff. Small group of people in the temple, maybe 30 active members that I see on the Forum, but they are all very knowledgeable and dedicated to the work.

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