I am extremely fatigued today. I evoked Belial and gave him my offering as a thank you… I woke up like a zombie and even with my adderall I am simply DONE. Anyone ever feel this way after an evocation?


Damn right I have. For me it comes after evoking a series of entities back to back non stop. That’s good work you’re doing my friend :sunglasses:


Yeah, but my go to solution is food. Eat something and try to get some sugar into your body :slight_smile:


Yea I probably do need some sugar considering I started my health kick again. First time evoking eating healthy again. Good point.


Yup sugary drink or food, as well as a good cat nap lol


Heading to the vending machine.


I know you don’t want to hear this but you need to get off the adderall. I got off of adderall and it was no where near as bad as a lot of people said it would be. It was rough for a week but after taking energy healing courses, iodine therapy, and 500 mg of tyrosine a day and black pepper in my food and under the tongue I don’t even need coffee most days. Black pepper is a really underestimated upper. Better than chili.

You’re probably depleted of yin energy as well as a source of dopamine.

Secondly demons have free will so who is to say they will just take the energy from your offering. If you learn how to heal yourself you may be able to charge those objects better and guard your energy better.


I agree, I did a whole personal research project into this, bear in mind biology differs but I think I’m pretty solid on the conclusion about coconut oil as brain food afterwards (some people say they get a minor buzz from it even, like the bulletproof coffee fad, and there are links in this about using it to treat brain disorders), and loading with sugar and fats b4:


Lol I was definitely waiting for someone to say that. I’m aware. But my job is intensive and pays really well. It’s not about my energy levels, its about my attention span. I just went 2 weeks adderall free and I was noticeably doing less work… I didn’t suffer from withdrawals or anything whatsoever. Unfortunately even with a lot of magick, we all have to work and make money haha. I do my rituals long after my adderall effects have dissipated so luckily it hasnt interfered.

I take coconut oil every morning, great stuff! I take tons a vitamins everyday. Have been for years, I never get sick.

Typically after meditation or any magickal workings, I get a large spurt of energy and stay awake longer. This one time was so opposite though. I feel drained as hell and even my vision is blurry. I know it will go away after tonight but I wanted to ask who else ever feels this way.


It used to happen to me until I discovered the ice-cream trick, I switch it up with full fat soft cheese and honey stirred in for a cheaper and slightly healthier take on the idea.

Exhaustion afterwards that might come on the next day after an initial boost of energy is something I think happens a lot. :slight_smile:

You could try coconut oil after (maybe in place of) the morning, it seems to go directly to the brain and be used as fuel, going by the reports from Alzheimer’s sufferers. My theory is the brain uses more fuel for magick and appreciates the fast availability, though without proper means to study this, that’s pure guesswork.


i like to drink a can of dopamine and eat a bar of chocolate before and after

very good


I was actually about to post about this, glad i’m not the only one. The morning after evocations i usually feel hung over and drained. I noticed it varies from spirit to spirit. Clauneck wasn’t too bad, a little groggy , but when I evoked King Paimon I felt like I got hit by a truck


@Rcs4215 I used to tell myself that. The problem is that psychologists are apart of big Pharma. Instead of encouraging you to focus on work and a lifestyle that holds your attention they make you take drugs to get you to be a work horse. Adderall flattens people’s personalities over time. I’ve seen it and experienced it myself. It makes you take on more of a workload than is healthy while others get a ride on your back.

More productivity is not always better and often times tangles you up more and more on a path you should not be on. We make a name for ourselves by being a work mule and then the reason to stay on it is even bigger. With adderall your tolerance is going to grow more and more over time and it will age you faster not just in looks but it literally forces your body to expend more energy and it will catabolize your muscle and organs if you don’t eat enough. I found even when I was drinking a gallon or more a day of water and eating VERY healthily if you know what I mean that I was looking way old for what I should be looking and having random bone aches.

Before adderall I used to abuse coffee to help me stay on task. But it’s better to find a better way to deal with your dopamine and adrenaline issues. Infact it’s best to not even be motivated by adrenaline and pressure.

I respect everyone’s decision but I don’t believe anyone “needs” this drug or that “more productivity is better” or that “focusing on Unfufilling high paying work” is important. If you can’t focus on your work it’s because you were meant to do something else, something better and fufilling enough to captivate you. Instead you were told the opposite. That is a lie to trap us all under mega-corporate vampirism. They love it when workers take adderall and that new drug I can’t remember that starts with an M (someone on that drug did not even want to take a vacation anymore). We just spin our wheels more and more for them and do things we would not normally do FOR GOOD REASON. Then they at the top work less and live a free champagne lifestyle. If people were less compliant to be work slaves, people would be able to enjoy their life and work more.

Our energy automatically lowers when we shouldn’t do something and not medicating your intuition away all the time could save your life one day. There was a very successful book author who once mentioned he was supposed to go on a trip once but two weeks before he could not muster up the energy or the care to go so he broke the commitment and later found out the plane had crashed.


Yea you’re right. I just do not see myself coming off anytime soon. I enjoy it.

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