I’m kicking off the year with fasting, I believe there are many of you on here who have done it.
I’ve done fasting with a Muslim friend once as support and as a better believe it or not :joy:.

However what I’m interested in, is what type of fasting did you do, how was it, how did you go about it and what were your benefit of that particular fasting ?.




I do water fasting. My longest fast was 20 days so far. The first two days are the hardest then the ghrelin drops right off and it’s plain sailing from there.

Personally I have issues with low blood pressure, which manifests as weakness, faintness and lights behind the eyes. This is easily fixed my taking salt tablets and sports electrolytes. I like Rehydr8 that doesn’t contain sugars like a lot of the sports drinks and chewables do.

I’ve tried green tea fasting and found it harder - somehow the green tea maintained some appetite, and caused food cravings. Plain water is easiest for me. Also several days is easier than 1 or two at a time, because the first 2 days are the hardest so why repeat them over and over?

Benefits - mental clarity, more time, autophagy, metabolic reset, reduction in allergy symptoms after fast ended, clearer skin, healing of scars, easier meditations and better clairsenses, better flowing qi.


I do Hindu fasting with family (you can’t consume any meat).

It’s fairly easy and it raises my vibration.


:rofl: Muslim fasting but eat all night! I would like to do the water fasting!


I do fast every ramadan with my muslim friends
So it’s 15 hours of fasting for a month (no water)
Tbh it’s always exhausting when you start till you’re body gets used to it
And you’ll begin to feel more energetic
I think when breaking the fast is important to eat slowly start with water then eat small bite (try to avoid processed food) and don’t eat till you feel like your stomach is going to brust it wil shock your digestive system and do the opposite of what fasting can benefit your body (let your organs and digestive system rest instead of spending the whole night trying to digest all the food you swallowedat once)
Take it easy you have many hours to eat little by little stay hydrated
I tend to focus on meditation even better when I’m fasting.

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Partial fasting. Only eating in the morning and at night. Only water based liquids at day time.

I already do small fasts all along the year, but my longest one, was a fast of 11 days,
meanwhile the fast i have drink vegetable juice , but 1% of juice inside a 99% glass of water!
It cleansed my mind, made me see clear about the problems i had, and made me take the decisions i need to make… i should begin another one soon now!^^

Funny. Today I decided to try 16/8 fasting. This means you only eat healthy food from 1pm until 8pm. 16 hours fasting. I was fucking starving up until an hour ago and I felt very dizzy and my brain is definitely running at 50% right now. But I hear after a few days those feelings fade away.


You get used to it eventually.

3 Years during Ramadan period because I helped people after war and yes a lot where Muslims.

And yes as a former Christian the KK did fasting too, only nowadays it was not so important. So for me it doesn’t matter for which believe you do it, it helps you spiritually.

Start 5 hours at morning - 2 Bread, yoghurt, juice, 1coffee and water

Fast till 22 hours at evening. Normal meal and water.
With normal I don’t mean an excessive meal ;-).

A whole month.

Thanks :slight_smile:
The Muslim fasting has caught on in a big way in recent years in the form of “Intermittent Fasting” - where you eat daily (usually) but in a narrow window of time, like 4 or 8 hours only. It’s also considered beneficial for health… as noted above :slight_smile:

You can find a lot of IF videos on yt in the health and fitness community, who use it to get cut with less effort or as a lifestyle. It’s pretty easy to get used to.
I do it as a norm when I am eating (never been a breakfast person anyway - it’s so great to say ‘I do IF’ to all those ‘but breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ people), and people love it. I usually go for lunch or dinner but not both.


Dreadwood talks about something like fasting in “Charnel Whispers” The idea is that you eat things that were either for prisoners or offerings to the dead, like:
Whole milk,
Unleavled bread,
This is used for the rights to become a litch and as I think a practice to remove your human need for flavored food this would help you to remove your humanity and a tie to this world. I’ll reread a few thing in the book and make a second post with some better information but this is the gist of it from what I remember.

I have experience with waterfasting. Is the worst fasting one can do, water alone will demineralize and dehydrate the body, contrary to every single study out there.

I sharpens the mind tho! I do water fasting, once a month not for magical stuff. Just because it gives body a chance to sort itself.

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It doesn’t dehydrate you. Dry fasting will. You’re are supposed to drink lots of water so that doesn’t happen, as you won’t be getting the water hidden in food. Like I said, It’s definitely worth supplementing with electrolytes tho. (Electrolytes are minerals)

What also happens is that carbs cause the kidneys to store salt, which causes water retention. In fasting the carbs go away and so does the salt, so you stop retaining so much water. This is a good thing as retained water is linked to inflation which is linked to imune disorders when sustained chronically.

The other benefit of fasting I forgot to mention is rejuvenation.

You look and feel younger, partly because of autophagy (ie consumption of unwanted cells other than fat) sagging excess skin gets consumed as well, so fasters don’t have that issue with lots of excess skin that carb based calorie-restriction dieters do) but it’s more than that. It’s now been shown that the telomeres also lengthen. Telomeres are the main marker of biological age, the shorter they get the older you are and the closer to dying of old age.


If you want a forum where you can ask technical, detailed questions about the biology of fasting of all types, ketogenic diets and fasting-mimicking diets, I do recommend They have some really smart people there who’s posts are a joy to read.

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It is well worth giving fasting ago, even if you just start off slowly, with a 12/12 or 16/8 plan…then progress from there…

I’ve water fasted for over a week. Dehydration didn’t happen as far as I could tell.

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The most eye opening fast I did with King Paimon - rather it was pushed onto me when I asked him to help open my senses.

The length of time is interesting when i look back at my notes as it’s my power number. During this time I had water, coffee and monster sunrise - don’t judge lol. But I didn’t need anything else or want anything else.

Through this I was given a new insight - I wouldn’t say possessed but it was as though I viewed all things through someone else’s eyes. Initially I thought this was all triggered by anxiety over avoiding something I needed to do but it tied into it a great deal - I wasn’t budging and my guide said “ you will.”

Shortly after I found out i was sick and admittedly thought briefly it was my own fault for diving too deep and that was my price. However I see now how even that was used as a purge - I had accepted an offer of severance and was advised it would be incredibly painful physically, spiritually as well as emotionally. I just had no idea HOW it would be done.

During this time another “ disaster” occurred as confirmation and that’s when i pieced it together. Even though it’s over I still have detailed visions and dreams and my penance for what I received is that i see the death of someone often. I’m not clear how long this will last and I’m not to do anything about it. But I have to see it and remember my gift.

Everything has a price


100% correct! I’m a faster and it is awesome.

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