Fast money


People i really need help i need money as soon as possible.what kind od Spirit or ritual or Spell is reliable and can help Quick.No evocation please i am newbie in practice.


Oh no, I make a mistake, sorry! I was write it wrong this morning, I was mistake out Amon with Salas’ash.
Because just learn about this two lately =.=

Amon = taking ex back very fast
Salas’ash = can give fast money

Hope you accept My apologize!


is this Spirit Safe? I have no experience with invocation or evocation I am a beginner.


Search Youtube for “working with saint expedite” or watch this video :

Good luck :slight_smile:


Bro i tried St Expedite three times and nothing …


Then you need to meditate on what you want when you ask him. Don’t just tell him “give me money by monday” and leave it at that. Meditate on your desire. Perform a Novena. There are many ways to work with him.

Another option is to ask Bune, he’s also good with money, similar to expedite. But in this case you need to know how to contact him… at least with a simple evocation.


I was quite sad when he didn’t help.I am now out of work and I live in a small town in the south and I have nothing to find there is all the stupid work. Someone said that it is not wise to tell him the way and time how He has to bring money that it is not good for him.I dont know if I did something wrong I really do not know.


No you probably didn’t do anything wrong but you could make it better by simple meditation on a green candle when you ask him. That will really help. If you can’t use a candle then a sigil will do. A symbol of money, nothing complicated.


You know what So well I’ll try it once again for the fourth time I used for him red candles I still have altar I have a red cloth on it I read that everyone tried a different procedure to work with him.


It may also help if you take a look here :

There are lots of successful rituals for money


That would be perfect :+1:


Do you think that it is possible to ask him to find me a job that will entertain me and in which will I be happy? Do you think it won’t matter if I’m so specific about my job? What if he finally choose a job that I don’t like I will leave there and he will be angry on me i dont wanna annoy him you know


Yes you can ask him that, it’s ok if you leave it later… that’s up to you, you can change your mind as you wish.


Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you I Will try IT tomorrow


That’s great wish all the best :grinning::+1:


Hey kokot I’m really interested in seeing how this worked out for you! Please keep us updated and good luck!


Well today i light a Candle for him And say prayer With my request so lets see


ah exciting! what colour is your candle may i ask?


Red Candle


You may find good things here .Please see it.

Good luck :slight_smile: