Fast money

Bro i am beginner but i Need money Now do you Think that i can invoke him when i am a newbie?

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Hi, sorry I reply you a bit late, I am newbie too, I don’t know how to answer you, but I can share with you What i heard about salas’ash.

I heard a friend said salas’ash help him get money when he need it, I also heard a lot story about salas’ash help people get fast money, it seems there is many successful cases.

I haven’t try it before.,I even don’t know how to do invoking, I do believe salas’ash have this ability if not people won’t said their story of success get helped by salas’ash and people tell me when ask help from salas’ash , cannot said the amount of money that you want , and he will bring your surprise when he did it.

This is what I know. Hope it’s help, and sorry about my broken English : )


@PrinceX ever so patient and helpful :pray:t5:

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Hello @Kokot_Kiuh how was your experience with St Expedite so far?

I dont know if IT works but I Think Its not…

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Wouldn’t a petition spell suffice for him if he wants to try Bune?

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Yes it would. Simple and effective. Just make sure you’re specific and clear in your request, and he will take care of the rest.

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