Fart rune curse, solution to let it off?

Ok so u do the fart curse, person sick. U want off how will u do it.? Im not beginer. Will u use evocation, witchraft spirts. Archangels.? Etc. Its kind confuse tarot read say its on the air. Any suggestions, thanks.

:thinking: fart cures? Am not sure what this is but fart is air so 🤷 banish air? Or cleanse air?
Anyways, if you are trying to undo a cure, get the original materials if you can and wash them with salt intending to undo it! Otherwise, uncrossing ritual and protection should work! If you are the one that did the cures then be sure to protect your self too from any backlash!

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Miku. Thanks so much.

Hi Zorrito,
could you share the fart curse?

Search is your friend people.


What the fart?