Fantasy or reality?

Many new magicians when trying evocation or channelling are claiming to recieve gnosis and some of them are claiming to get “High” with lucifer on an astral plane. (I met one who did actually claimed that) XD

I’m not judging anyone but I think they get confused between fantasy and reality. So my question is how do you know of what you’re seeing is real or has genuine validity?

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Just live by your own experiences , unless someone is teaching you it doesn’t matter


It happens, it is good to question these things especially when the astral is involved given the nature of the astral. However, there are many who actually do have these moments with these entities, one experience I had when exploring sex in projection was a threesome with three male Djinn, but also various get togethers with some of the various goetia and Deities.

One way of confirming the validity is if there was no frontload or bias involved, another is if they were companied by other projectors without frontload.


I think there’s Alot of mental masturbating that goes on. That’s why I personally keep track of what kind of impressions and images I receive during an evocation so later I can get some peer feedback and see if Im getting things that other people are reporting as well.

I do keep in mind though not everyone is going to see the same things and my vision is just as valid as the next guys provided we were infact dealing with the same spirit. I will say it’s interesting though how frequently magicians accounts of the same spirit are. That’s why I think there’s a value in getting some input by other competent practicioners. Just my thoughts.

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Good point man

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If you get something useful out of it, awesome. It doesn’t really matter what other people claim after that, though it’s nice to capture ideas for possible future workings.

TBH I don’t get the point of this. If people get high so they can experience OBE and astral travel, and this dude was already astral traveling … isn’t this kinda redundant?

There’s a thread somewhere about people finding they can mentally produce the feelings of being high on different substances without the substance (i.e. free) as well. I believe the consensus was, you had to experience it at least once to be able to reproduce it mentally.

Maybe that’s what they were after - less about spiritual gnosis and more about the hedonism.


Great advise! For me if a demon doesn’t make weird requests or behave like an emotionally-unstable, jilted high schooler then it’s likely a safe bet it’s not a wishful thinking. And I think with all things people need to use common sense and caution because some people are like “A demon asked me to kill someone” or “A demon asked me to do something illegal”.

He said he was smoking weed with lucifer. And I was like wow. XD


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This is relevant to my interests. Do you remember what it was called by any chance? Did some digging but couldn’t find anything :thinking:


I’ll do some digging but I don’t recall off the top of my head, sorry.