Family spells

Ok guys

So here is the story, i come from an orthodox christianity family,
Which means i am told what to do with my life 247 if i go out my parents are texting every half hour to know where i am and they also make a curfew on what time i come home.
I am 32 years old all the friends i had all left they got sick of me having to leave a nightout at 11pm.
All the guys i have dated i was never allowed to stay at their home or go holidays with them either , sleeping with even one guy that is your boyfriend is a no either it is like a sin to them and keep telling me every guy is going to leave after they get what they want although my longest relationship was 2 years , Let me just highlight the women in my family got married in their early twenties , i am a grown woman so i have no relationship.
Lockdown has made it worse than ever because if i meet the one friend i actually have left there is an argument about me even going in the first place.
Can any spirits sort this and stop them controlling me?
It is not like i can financially afford to move out my house

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I understand what this feels like. I was 21 when I had enough of my parents controlling every aspect of my life, confronting the guys I tried to date, demanding my hard earned money to pay all their bills, and questioning me on my every move. I left home for good after that. I get it, really.

Yes, there are spirits that will help sort this, can make them see your point of view, can make them change their mind etc. Any spirit that can control the mind or influence decisions can help. King Paimon is one.

You can also work with a spirit to help improve your finances so you’re in a position to move out as well. You deserve to live your own life, they way you choose to with no judgement from your parents.


Man, have I ever been through this one. My family and entire community found out about my practice years ago and I went through a liberating process of just embracing my conditioning. If it’s part of your childhood programming then find ways to invert that stuff. Use the Bible to justify it to yourself. Tell your family you are what you are and your values are your own and be yourself, but magick can get messed up on you doing it under a household authority which does not approve of it.

You’ve stirred up some familial spirits. To keep it discreet is your best approach and don’t stick around much longer. If you’re of age to move out on your own then that’s your primary objective, and if you’re not, then just be compliant until you are.

All your magick then becomes freeing yourself from being subject to criticism and obtaining financial freedom.

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It is an awful situation , I am grateful someone actually understands my situation because no one else does.
Others tell me just to do my own thing but they do not know how my household is at times
Perhaps the fact i am an only child too does not help.
Thank you Queen M , I will try him out.

I couldn’t wait to leave home for similar reasons, to this day I love being out with no one knowing where I am. A binding can help but also try Bune for opportunities to become self reliant so you can have your own home… your house your rules.


Only thing im worried about casting money spells incase something negative happens
Ie. End up in an accident via compensation money or someone dies and leaves money

You just want to include that sentiment in your working then, whether it’s a written petittion or verbal request. :slight_smile:

“Intention is everything”, as I like to say, so be very clear in your mind what you want. The working can take longer to manifest but it won’t do it in a way that takes away your loved ones.

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Awe man don’t worry too much. Tell your magick you want it to come through positive means and not through tragedy. You get to have a say in all that, but it manifests however it manifests with a few minor restrictions on it.