Familial bonds

I have recently come to the conclusion that your true family, the people that really matter in your life are the ones that help you become better. They lift you up not cast you out. For some of us our blood relatives are not our true family. A genetic bond does not make someone your family. Others may appear to be like family but are truly only interested in what you can do for them. You will know who your family is by their actions towards you. None of us are perfect but we can help each other become better. That is what family does.


Well, I believe in self-reliance first, help is great, but if you have to give away your power to get it, it’s not worth it.

There is a consensus of opinion in some circles that as much as 20% of the population is born to a ‘backup family’. That is, in order to get the right alignment of planets that the spirit wanted for the life, and because coming in now and not in 100 years was important, many spirits have incarnated into backup families just to be here with the right energy for their goals.

Unfortunately for many choosing a suitably aligned family came second and often isn’t ideal, and they can even become black sheep when it’s bad enough.

So yes, your birth family may have nothing to do with your plans for this life. If family is important to you then I guess there’s no harm in trying to adopt friends as a surrogate ‘family’ as long as they’re alright with it.
Seems a bit creepy and not really necessary to me. But I’m the hermit type not the family type.


I agree that one should be self reliant first and foremost. I find most people to be irritating. The post really wasn’t meant to suggest that people who are not close with their birth family try to adopt anyone as a surrogate. Although for some they need to have people around for some reason. Simply just making a point that the people in your life who really matter will be known to you by their actions. Just because someone is a blood relative does not mean they are someone you need to be around. I can count on one hand of the people I know that are worth having around.

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