False Currents of Sorcery

Micah’s right as fuck

I’m going through this now


Could you expand upon this particular statement and how this may cause a dilution in one’s work? I am curious as to your definition and your dialogue on the subject.


those are the same beings I am in battle with I didnt know what they are I thought them to be negative entities I use mantras to block them and Archangel Michael they are extreemly manipulative and discuise as other beings it is not good. they did something to my pentagram and lucifer sigil to curse me and block my hearth chakra and solar plexus lost my will to live wtf. How can we battle them I do not think they are angels I think they are native parasitic entities. They feed of of my energy aswell.


Somedays. I love you. Right on and well said.

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Very well written, and comprehensive for a beginner to intermediate like myself. Thank you for this.


Welcome @Vulpin. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


I would like to think that false currents, though they might initially provide you with a burst of… ego/comfort/false affirmation- are ultimately fruitless. If you continuously find yourself drained, confused, and frustrated::: /watch out/

When you are inexperienced or still working on building yourself, it’s normal to run into barriers or obstacles. However, your failed attempts should not feel like attacks against you.


Do not mix currents! I cannot stress this enough. Unless you have experience and know WTF you are doing.

This happens all the time with the GoM (Gallery of Magick) books. People don’t want to follow the directions in the book and then complain that the magick “doesn’t work”. In the IT field, we say, "RTFM (Read the fucking manual). Just like you can’t blame the computer for your mistakes, don’t blame the magick for your mistakes.

@Micah is absolutely correct.



Thanks Micah, good job explaining everything the way you did. Respect


Welcome @Demixl. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Hello Micah/Satan/Chad ThunderCock!

I’m very interested In this topic you started. Exactly what does JCI stand for? They sound like Archons.

Micah is no longer on this forum so can’t answer you.

JCI stands for Judeo-Christian-Islamic

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Oh poo. But thanks for clearing this up!

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My family is extremely catholic and I’m afraid I’m being blocked on some level by JCI because they be praying for me =__= are the normal banishing/shielding stuff enough to protect oneself from them?

Couldn’t one as well work with the celestials for results???

Who are these celestial beings? Can u name 1 and have u a source u recieved some of this data from? Show me the facts.

Mixing paths, like mixing Golden Dawn current with say Luciferian current as an example.

If you’re going to follow a current follow it til it’s complete, rather than mixing it with another. Or practice them separately basically.

Some currents simply do not work together or have guidelines that require you to do things to a T instead of trying to mix them with another.

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So much for posting a question in regards to an explanation of his meaning of disconnected Ancestry…

This was one of those questions I was actually hoping to get an answer for, as I have had many say I need to stick with my Native heritage for spiritual matters when in fact most of them are Christian themselves. Amusing.

Looks like you are further along the LHP than most people I see on this forum.

Actually, the advanced LHP seekers on this planet attempt to completely free themselves of the ego. I disagree that the LHP is the way to do this, but I digress.

The advanced practitioners of LHP seeking are focused on SELF mastery. Mastery over other-selves is simply seen as a natural byproduct of self mastery, due to the inherent oneness of all things.

Hope that helps anybody.

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Honestly, looking at this from the perspective of a chaos magickian, who uses magick only to influence external events, my personal opinion on the idea pf a false current is that it’s absurd…USE WHATEVER WORKS. Changing the world around you also changes u internally. To look down on “not working on yourself” seems kinda odd, because all acts of sorcery, and magick work on u…Success requires a certain mental states, and external events do send a feedback.

I can’t speak to currents because I don’t grasp what is meant by it. If I choose to summon Lucifer today, and do a ritual to work with Cthulhu tomorrow, what dies it matter? I can see it not being the best idea not using a technique from another current to work with something from a totally different lineage , but only from a practical sorcery standpoint…

Nothing is sacred but the goal…why does it matter HOW u get to the endpoint… You can work a current for a whole lifetime…some are devotees, some of us aren’t…because we seek results over the idea a certain path is sacred…Perhaps its because as a chaote, i never had to dedicate to just 1 thing…so the idea of only doing such an such seems like limiting one’s toolbelt…

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