False Currents of Sorcery

This is when A Current of Magic is so diluted that it ceases to bring effective results.

Things that Bring about this Dilution are:

• The Magicians Excessive Ego

• Being Attacked By Any JCI Influence On a Consistent Basis

• Mixing Currents Without Knowing What You Are Doing

• False Information About Said Current

• Being Disconnected From The Ancestors

• Mistaking Following a Script on a Paper or Book for ACTUAL Initiation into A Current.

There are more signs, but these are just some.

The Importance of The Current
What is a Current of Sorcery? It is a large River of Power that runs into a Collective Ocean that gave birth to it. This “Ocean” is called it’s Source.

The Current contais the Tools, Wisdom, and Power necessary to accomplish your Will through Various rites as well as Entities such as Gods or Demons that can help you do so.

The Source of That Current is like an Oversoul that oversees and grants entrance into it for whatever reason.

Tapping into a Current of Magic enables powerful results for example to the point of crushing the veil and annihilating Enemies in precise Manners.

The Problem With The Current

The issue is that most people like to seperate the Current into what is convenient for them and think that cause they went to a book and read a script that they are in the current and are doing things correctly. This is because of a lack of Congruency.

Being Aligned with your path, produces Power. It also allows you to hear the spirits of that path with extreme clarity and communication effectively.

These sorcerors do not truly believe in what they are doing. Its just for fun at the moment. Then they wonder why nothing works, the spirits dont respond, etc.

Or on the other end, they get spirits that are somehow content with fucking them endlessly, meanwhile no real insight or Gnosis let alone power is gained.

Perceptions get twisted and pretty soon the Boogeyman comes out the closet (they get a real encounter with a real Demon or God) then they say some weird shit about the current like,

“This current is Vampiric!”

“Don’t trust this entity or that!”

“Vodoun ruined my life!”

“The spirits of XYZ Current are nothing but egregores!”

And other dumb shit.

Other causes of Current Disconnection

As with all things, every issue the sorceror has and every weakness is not his fault.

There are people that enjoy interfering in the form of praying for the Magician. When this occurs in a consistent everyday basis, it turns from annoyance, to magical war.

These JCI influenced people are using the equivalent of Baneful Magic against you which will have the same effects as if a LHP mage was Death Cursing you.

And no you dumbasses it’s not as simple as “oh just banish and forget about it” cause that does not always work.

The JCI are extremely clever and will go to any means to cut you off from your Spirits.

What They Do:

They will

• Mimic The Sprits you work with: This is obvious.

• Feed The Ego: They Will stroke your Ego continuously so you will feel like you cannot be affected by the Sorcery they work, so you consider yourself invisible against them. This makes you less vigilant and aware, opening you up for attack.

• Mask Their Attacks: It will feel like a shallow, empty form of Darness but it blocks your Abilities to percieve anything.

• Breaking Down, Building Up: They will persuade other people to force you to stop magic by any means necessary in a Attempt to make you doubt yourself.

The Celestial Beings in the JCI can and will posses others to rie up against you for literally no reason to do anything they can to make you doubt your abilities, path, etc.

After you doubt, they start slowly deconstructing your Identity until it climaxes in you leaving the LHP or perverting it with some bullshit.

Attempts On Your Life: Health issues, Almost getting hit by cars, fighting people in public, etc.

How to Defend Against It

• Get rid of Ego for a Split Second: Going through Franz Bardons course 80 times doesn’t make you immune to the JCI dumbass. Thats not Mastery. That’s hubris. Your hermetics doesn’t make you immune either. We are all vulnerable. Even as Gods. Gods went to war because they got attacked.

A God, people.

• Re-connect With The Spirits of Your Current: Actually consider that you were not initiated by reading a script from EA Koetting or Myself,or anyone on here.

Go to the spirits themselves. Get to know your own current of magic and how you do it for youself.

Put down your Ego and do what’s required for the Initiation. Don’t short Chage yourself.

• Destroy Your Enemies: Return the JCI Influence Straight back to the source with the Wrath of Satan and remove them from your existence. Do not stop until they are dead.

Protect your Home.

Spiritual Warfare is not drama. Its real.

• Do not Mix Currents of Magic without knowing what you’re doing.

The Final Piece and The Ego

We all need Ego to survive. We all do. The problem is when the Ego gets manipulated into bullshit based on your opinions of another sorceror or their magic that are contrary to reality just cause you were a bitch and can’t own up to your Shit.

Or you feel like you can shortchange the spirits and not do what is required.

Lower Your Ego Abit, get results.
Do The Work, Ascend.


Micah/Satan/Chad ThunderCock :fire::fire::fire::sunglasses:


Good stuff, and long overdue.


I agree.


How can someone distinguish between being in a false current, and not being experienced enough to get results?


The river analogy is good. A river has to flow. Too much ego and hubris is like building a dam. It stifles the flow. Eventually the river runs around you rather than through you. Or it bowls you right over. That’s assuming you are standing in the river in the first place.


Time @Glenn_the_ghoul

Time distinguishes all things.

1st 5 yrs or so-
Still unexperienced. Regardless of circumstances. Gets results, but they are inconsistent. Spirits are extremely patient because they see you are a babe In magic.

6-10 yrs
more is expected of you. More Power, less ego.

11-25yrs of magic
If you still struggling with the same shit…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Honestly I am impressed. This is a real problem that never gets enough attention. Great work, man.


Excellent post @Micah . This happened to me about two years ago:

Wish I would’ve had the know how about how to recognize them back then. I realized something was us just in time (after three months) and managed to do something about it. Again a excellent post, be sure to bookmark this if you are new this. It is invaluable to info to have at the back of your mind.

I mixed currents back then in a way which caused burnout - this was because I didn’t know what I was doing, it was my own fault. So thanks for making this info available for everyone else who might need it, as it is not talked about much - nor can’t it be overstated.


If you don’t mind, may I get into a couple different aspects of this discussion?


Go for it mayne

Awesome post.

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Well first I want to get into how I personally see the ego. Basically what the ego is, is an identity. What call yourself (labels), the things you get offended over petty or otherwise, etc. Everyone has one. Even me, Eva, or anyone else. The ego does have it’s place, but it shouldn’t “run the show” as it were.

I’ve noticed signs of an overactive ego are:
•The “I’m better than you/better off than you” mentality/ I’m the hot shit mentality. Or even acting as a know it all.
•Trying to push away your emotions and ignore them or not healing yourself. (I am NOT saying that light is better than darkness or whatever, healing is important but that is a different discussion)
•Getting offended really easily over petty matters (there are cases where getting offended is called for in my opinion, your emotions are still sacred.)
•Trying to fit into someone else’s image that doesn’t belong to you (for example purposes: me trying to act and talk like Micah)
•Not being able to let shit go in general)

A lot of people both in and out of BALG have overactive egos. When life hands them thorns they wonder why they fell so far when they thought they were so high. Or in a sorcerers case: “I’m the almighty ______ of _______”. “Wait, what is divination how do I do that?”.


“I did XYZ ritual and shit hit the fan but it’s someone else’s fault because I didn’t do my homework, research and use common sense and the spirits is teasing meh”.

Ego really can get in the way of things, not just in discussing magick but actually doing it (even though you can use it a particular way, but that’s a different discussion).

I’ve referred to myself as a son of the dark goddess. One could say that’s ego stroking. Except I don’t use it to save face or as an excuse. There is UPG and opinion and then thinking your right about every damn thing.

That’s pretty much what shadow work is about. Defying societal norms, deconditioning your spirit, as it were, from not only from the bullshit of others but from the bullshit you feed yourself, liberation in all senses of the word.

I like to look at this sort of thing as the spiritual warfare, where you are your own enemy. Not working on yourself is shortchanging yourself regardless. Internal work is just as important as your “big booty bitches and cash”.


On the other hand I have a question for you. You said JCI influences. Do you mean Angels? Could you specify?


By JCI Ifluences I’m talking about "Celestials*.

These are beings that take many forms but they are not Angels as we know them.
They are the influences behind Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, etc.

Allah is not one being.

The Allah we know to day is a composite of these Celestial Beings acting as one and speaking as one.

They also do forced possession on People and are what most exorcists get rid of in the case of “Demonic Possession”.

They take many forms but the energy is more like Celestial Darkness, or Fallen Angel Darkness.

I realize that some asshats are gonna construe that to mean Beings like Lucifer, Belial, etc.

I’m not talking about them.

I’m talking about Fallen Beings that maintain the JCI shit and attack Practicioners.

They behave kinda like Djinn and are STRONG. These are not your fluff Angels that try to hinder your workings with a phone call interruption.


These are mfs that can wipe knowledge from a Practicioners mind bit by bit for example.

Ill write a post on them too as soon as I have more info


Explain more if you have free time and more detailed study on this, please.


They both go together
You gotta have the internal knowledge of self that comes from shadow work to even maintain that :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


nods in agreement an anecdote of Lucifer is “know thy self”. There is a reason these things are said. Spirituality is not pretty all the time. It can hurt like thorns on a rose. It all hurts but it’s meant to be felt.


Quality content right there


Indeed, pure bliss isnt the truth.