Falling in love....in a dream(still missing her)

It was very beautiful dream where I met a girl I’ve never seen before and Ioved her deeply.I took her number in the dream but never called her for some reason.but she was texting me.

I dont know how to describe her but I remember that she was beautiful and she loved me as well.the feelings there cant be written.but no matter how much I tried to remember her face clearly enough,I just cant do it.I truly miss her cos she made me feel the true pure love.I believer she could be some kind of my twin lover.

Can I meet her again?could she be real?can I shift my entire consciousness to the world of that dream to live it forever as if it is my reality(seriously)?I need to see her again


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That happens to me a couple of times with different females. I have a feeling that’s a succubus visiting in dreams.


Happened to me as well. One of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in recent years. And yes, I do still miss her…


Lol, you should call on sallos to help you find someone that will make you feel that way


It happens to me on occasion. Sometimes I even remember having a life with them. But I never see them again after the one dream.

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