Fallen_Human's Magical - Journal

June 12th 2022

Evocation of duchess Bone:

She came fast. Her energy was warm and light and I am noting this specifically because I am amazed that she is a necromancy spirit and that is how her energy feels like. She did not appear to me fully, just her face was shown. Although it was covered with some sort of tape or robe looking thingy. It looked the same as what a Mommia would look like.

I won’t discuss the details of the ritual, however I am really happy about the ritual and strongly believe its results are already manifesting and positive. Hail the great duchess Bune.

End notes.

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June 22nd 2022

A quick update: I am still in Golachab I have not moved to the next Qlipha. I feel like i got stuck in it for a bit. I just do not have the motive to move to the next one as I did the previous. Maybe there is more lesson there to learn. However I do feel like I am guided to move sometime soon. Maybe this week or next week.

Be Blessed