Faith/positivity in magick question

I am watching some YouTube video on magick and the topic of positivity in magick came up. This is not the first time I have heard that you need lots of faith to make magick happen. And that you must be positive.

But I am also noticing that people are saying that if you have any kind of negative thoughts that will mess up the spell. If the Universe is about abundance and love and light and all that stuff, why would the Universe look for the slightest bit of negativity so it can poo poo on a spell. Is the Universe a lawyer?

I think it may be bullshit that you need to be 100 percent positive or your magick will be rejected by the Universe. What am I missing here?

It’s bullshit. If being 100% positive was required, then baneful magick wouldn’t be possible, and no one could be a magician at all because it is flat out impossible for a human being to be one hundred percent positive all the time.


Its your intention that matters, that you at least start doing the ritual, plus take one of the positive mindsets, not necessarily all of them. Ive had angels respond to me often whether i believed in them or not

Do they mean doubt? Doubt will mess up your magik.

You don’t need to be positive or have faith , if a method is tested and proven it is tested and proven

In treating magik as science, (I think it’s more like art) the instrument that is performing the magic is the operator themselves - if the instrument is mis-calibrated, it won’t work correctly.

So whether the spell is viewed as science or art, if the operator doesn’t get the energy flow right, it doesn’t matter if they are positive it should work, it still wont. But if they get the energy flows right they can be negative about it and it will still work. It very much depends on the spell and who’s doing it.

So not really - methods used by one mage can be useless to another, because they won’t work with thier particular cosmology, philosophy, skill set or level of development, as well as environment and Earth age cycle. It’s a valid method, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can get it t work.

If that was true I’d have my Solomon’s palace by now.

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It is kinda true, that you will attract what your thoughts are most about or let’s say what you are most focused on. If they are so much positive or negative, does not matter. I think it’s more about that than anything. As if you want it or not, may be also secondary. If your thoughts are all the way about something you don’t want to (speak: focused on it), and sending out this vibe, you may attract a lot exactly that which you don’t want.

One’s mindset of course is very important.

Take as example, if you’re trying to get in contact with succubae as spirit lovers and you are in a non-social mindset right now, making “friends” will be more difficult, as it will be with humans. Same with attracting the kind you wish.

It’s surely not about a number like “100%” though… as neither these things can be set in stone or be mathematically measured.

I started out in this with a skeptical mindset, but the point is I had enough thought that it just might work to go and try stuff, so I wasn’t a hardcore skeptic who was 100% sure it wouldn’t work, but I can’t exactly say I had faith either. Those early workings were very hit or miss, but I’ve learned so much since then, particularly about divination and picking the right method/entity for the job.