Faery magick

I was wondering what books on Faery magick really helped you and stood out to you for it’s content.

Yes, I have searched Amazon and do so on a regular basis to see if there are any new releases on books about Faery, Faery magick, the Kindly Ones, etc.

I was told I am to work with the Seelie court, which is what I want, as I have guides who are from there.

If you want to list Youtube channels, blogs, e-books, pdfs etc. I’d welcome those too.

I work with the Fae, but it’s more like, you don’t “use” Fae magick, they do, and you talk to them.

I think the best shotssources for how to work with them are in the folklore. The collected works of Winifred Finlay have the most authentic lore I’ve seen, but it’s very read between the lines. You also see good stuff in the Waldorf education books. Most modern books are romanticised nonsense, including the Seelie “court” idea. That’s not a thing ime that’s fiction and will lead you down a path where they will not take you seriously. It’s like calling all nice humans a “freindly court”… we’re all different and so are they. While the lore are also fiction, the lore is old truth and teaching tales/morality stories mixed in. :slight_smile:

It boils down to developing your own way with the local fae in your area. I suggest focusing on plant fae only to start. These are freindly or “seelie”, you can easily avoid the unseelie which includes some cryptids when you simply grow a garden. You can build fairy houses and leave them presents, and they come to you, as which point you ask them what they like, how to grow better and they like that.

The books Findhorn and Perelanda teach you how to work with the plant Fae very well… you grow plants and work with the “Nature intelligences”. Anything about “fae magic” is bullshit… the fae are very real, very practical and close to this plane, to work with them, get outside where they are and get your hands dirty :slight_smile:


I do recognize the Courts in my practice but they are not very easily defined or coordinated, though I work with Unseelie Fae often.

As always, I suggest any and everything by Morgan Daimler. She has books, a blog, and a YouTube channel. Always cites sources and is very grounded in her info.

Also depending on your location, Urban Faery Magick by Tara Sanchez is a good book for getting your feet in the door.


Not sure tis topic may ex friend feed faires,yes I saw the lights ,but I have read somewhere that are a few kinds of them,I think I saw a book in them but not sure if are neutral or not.i can pm if want .