i’ve been trying to contact the faerie queen and i left some offerings and about a week after i left them, the wine was gone. random but do you guys think wine can evaporate?

yeah, it’s pretty common as far as mundane things go. you can choose to take it as a sign of nothingness, or you can take it as a sign of acceptance. i think you’re better off training your mind to see it as a sign of acceptance. once you begin to accept magick, you will find it comes to you more easily and you’ll question things less and less. this is both a purely mechanical function of your brain’s RAS, and an exercise in faith. both are helpful.

weird, inexplicable things happen all the time. take full credit for them whenever you can.


yeah, that’s what I thought tbh

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Be careful in dealing with fairies. They are very picky; I should say flaky (I’m being nice!) creatures. Refer to my post about Queen Sibylia.

I saw your post and thats who i’m trying to contact. i’ve been around faeries before and they seemed nice even though unfortunately I couldn’t see them.

could you give me any pointers on how to contact her?