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Dragons are fae right? Well, I think they are

@LotusKing How’d you figure that one. The most I’ve heard is that they protect the fae realm.


I don’t know if your being sarcastic or not, but I hope not. If you are serious then I read it enchantment of the faerie realm.


The fae love daisies, so if your new to working with them then use daisies. In fact even if you aren’t new still use them.


No. That was a serious question. Thanks for the book suggestion btw.


Ok, it’s mostly for the basics as stated by someone who has read it above. Have a good read. It also goes over elementals.


What are some more advanced books on Fae?


Most books on the Fae are awful or give bad info, the best way is it just talk to them, if you scroll up you will find a few books no here but thats all id recommend


Yeah, I know. I recommended a lot of the books above. I’m just looking for something a little deeper and solely focused on the Fae. I’d also like it if it talked about entities such dragons, pheonix, griffind, etc.


I stumbled at this thread today, fairly interesting posts thus far. A book called Hexagrammaton by Araignee explains that Fae and Djinn are one and the same, I dont know if that is true or not yet, As I havent worked the method, but a specific Artifact that I received from a certain Individual of old age within the druid/fae tradition have me believe that these beings/spirits, are fairly real and their power can be indeed of great and god use.


Ill have to look into the book, but my Gnosis ive come to believe that Djinn and the Fae arent the same, also what is the artifact? And i sgree that the Fae are very powerful to work with and manifest themselves in very real ways


Its a type of dust, powder to bve more precise. I 've taken it to a series of tests (Analysed it as the researcher I am) and found traces of herbs, oils, blood (resembling human but a rare type), and something decaying, indicating flesh with to what according the docs said to me seemed like in between human and animal-like cells. Could be a mix of both. For me, it was proven quite powerful, especially in banishments and in cases like illness. Worked very well with a specific disease I had, and I have many, worked so fast that I was astonished.


Sounds amazing, id love to try to make it myself one day, i trained in Folk Medicine and Herbalism so i got i few thing in mind


I am still trying to sort out the ingredients, according to the Druid Grandma, this “fairy dust” was given to her as a gift from a fae. When I asked she said, that what makes it that powerfull is the “body” of a fae of days long gone. I assume she meant from a dead fae, but that would mean that she met a fae with a physical body and that strikes me as odd. Assuming though that faes are only astral beings the grandma was either lying or she believed what the fae told her in astral form and the deceased body could be an allegory.


Interesting, i will definitely have to look into it


Another one bites the “dust” xD I hope you find it sooner than me then :wink: Hail!


lol thank you, ill try!