Fae Magick, a Thread for Group Workings and General Discussions on Fae magick

So ive been putting my nose and looking into magick regarding the Fae and magick with them, ive came to the conclusio that i need to do this workings after some terrifying dreams and spirits hanging around me, of course ill still do my current work but ill make time for this as well in my practice.

If you look around the internet right now for Fae magick you will find mainly bumbling Wiccans and new age asshole talking about either how “the Fae are to dangerous to work with!” or “They are so nice and they helped me cure my depression” or something similar, now ive been looking into this off and on for about a month now, maybe im not looking hard enough idk, but ive found that most people dont have practical uses for working with the Fae and that i would have to build it from the ground up. And of course we have the few useful threads on here, videos on youtube, and books, but ost of the info you have to look hard for, or beg for and i dont know about y’all i dont like to beg for anything.

And that brings me to this topic, the making of this thread. i made this thread so that other magickions can talk about there gnosis on the Fae and even find ritual mates to help us build this system that seems to be forgotten.

Ill post all my Gnosis on them and hope you all do the same.

With Love and Ambition




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For real stuff, I approach the fae from a shamanic perspective. Which means journeying or entering trance to talk to the spirits where they are.

There’s two main types, the nature spirits and the fae, both are of the Earth, the first are more like higher beings, more like the overlighting essences of growth of each species or animal and plant, the 2nd are more like a people, with dualistic emotions and needs like humans. Both get called fae and there’s some overlap who hears what requests and acts on them, so it depends what you want to do I guess?

For Nature spirits, I liked the Perelandra project, and the Elves of Lily Hill Farm for a more shamanic style of working where people are co-creating for practical purposes with the fae and nature spirits both, in real life, usually gardening. Lily Hill Farm was a vineyard I think. Perelandra is still an active project today.
The spiritual aspect is low-key on the website now, but the book Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered explains it.

I really liked this view, it works with my style:

For Fae, I rely a lot on folklore, for history and and reading between the lines. These people are of the Land, and work with the Devas on peoples behalf as well, and the folklore picks up where the nature spirits stuff leaves off, with fae that aren’t so friendly and might need work on the relationship, or even appeasement if they’re angry, and where the Devas would not retaliate, the fae can.

So, I have two main ways I work with the Good Folk, leaving offering and talking to them - they can hear me I might get some clairsentience but I might not. I don’t contact them unless I have to, like, they hid something and I need it back, which they do a lot. The other is to journey to the lower worlds and talk to the king and queen of the fae as higher beings rather than those nearby.

Being of the land, the fae races change depending where you live and the country you live in. There’s are beings in the US that don’t exists in Europe, or the Middle East etc, and vice versa. Some are more global - Canada and Ireland both have Selkies, but I’m not sure there are any Water Horses in North America (?), instead you get the races seen by the Native Americans.


I have a few of the works of Winifred Finlay, an author who collected folk tales from around the UK to preserve them before they were lost, as they’ve always been passed on by oral tradition. I’ll see if I can distill what’s in there into something practical.

Obvious things are tools like the energy of different trees. Rowan was planted as a protection in yards, and a Rowan sprig worn in your hat would protect you from the fae. Red Thread is another popular ingredient for many spells.

“Black hair and red thread, send thee fairies to thy 'stead.” - to banish a fae bringing bad luck to the house, for example.
We used to say, when the baking is going wrong there’s a Silky in the kitchen. Kind of like a gremlin, only she’s a fae in a red dress, that sits in a high place and looks down at the chaos she causes. Cakes won’t rise, dough won’t prove, biscuits will burn and stuff gets dropped and breaks a lot… So you banish with that.


Yes ive looked at the folklore too, merely skimmed it and decided to look at it in depth later, i should probably pick the books back up.

And looking at them from a shamanic veiw is interesting too, i only looked at them like that as well, but after working a bit with nature spirits i was told that they can do a LOT more than just tell you what you need.

Also they told me that when they steal your stuff they are trying to get the attention of the magickion.

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Yeah, and extending out of that, and related to animism, you find that when you start a business it gets a Deva that you can talk to that represents the spirit of the business. From there you find products created by the business have Deva’s, like Rose varieties have individual Devas, which can help you work wit those products. I do this with software. And I think this is why the whole, whatsisface? I forgot, ‘daemon of the Internet’ thing works, it’s essentially more Deva than thoughtform, though where the line is I don’t know.


Interesting, i love that idea, and ill have to look into the Fae of my local on more about them, we have a lot of Bramble(Blackberry) here so ill pick some and try to communicate with the Deva’s of them. And ill have to look into the “Daemon of the Internet” more lol


I found it:


After yet again skimming over the folklore and stories ive found reference to quite a few rulers of the Fae, of course from different courts, here are a few:

Queen Ileana
Queen Mab
Druj Queen
Queen Sybilia

These are ones ive found in literature, i haven worked with them, matter a fact ive work with only one Fae, A King of a Different Court.

And on the topic of courts its interesting to see that there are many Queens of there own courts but we only know the names of two, im sure i dont need to name them.

The Fae are very similar to the Jinn in middle eastern lore, as in being spirits of place.

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Yes some are, ive always put Fae into two different groups, Local Fae and Higher Fae. Higher Fae are not necessarily better but more Universal i guess i should start to call them that, Universal Fae. But yes some of the Fae are local but the Fae i work with are “Universal” and ive had no problem calling them in different places.

I havent called jinn, and honestly never planed to so i guess i should do that soon lol, i have a idea of who to call.


There are 2 books I recommend. First, the Faerie Bible: the definitive guide to the world of faeries by Tersa Moorey. Second, A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People by Cassandra Eason. I have one more book, I just can’t remember the title.

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Universal Fae ? :thinking:

That sounds new to me, how did you come across them? Do they have names ?

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Its isnt as new as you might think, i just put a name to them. but yes i have a name for one,
King of the Leafs, and his court, The Frindle Court. a Necromantic Fae who governs the dead of there land and this one, he is a Lord of the Dead, a group of spirits who govern the dead.

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Ill have to check out the faerie bible, i have the other and quite like it

I can’t find anything online, do you have any book recommendations?

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The third book is enchantment of the faerie realm by ted andrews

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I had that problem too, i just ended up having a spirit guide recommend a spirit to me, all of the work with the fae ive done is from the spirits themselves

I’ve heard one experienced practitioner of Fae magick compare it to chaos magick.

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Ive been toying around with it and it feels a lot like that, thank you for your insight

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