Extremely inspiring norse lady -her yt channel

Hi there all, this is so pure and authentic, due to the reflection on the connection with nature versus oneself as an individual but also many other elements you may find in these videos that can be so extremely moving.

She’s amazing :slight_smile:

This is worth knowing by all.


I really like her stuff, but haven’t kept up lately. She’s been mentioned on here before. I think the last video I saw on here from her was about when the gods call, they don’t care what color you are.


I love Freya Norling. She has a facebook as well if you use that platform.

Her rune magick using Raido and Laguz just traced on the hand with saliva for getting through queues quickly works a treat.


I haven’t done any of her rituals yet. The last video I think I (actually) watched was where she was bashing herself with reindeer antlers.

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Oh I will check this! Thanks!

She is very beloved for sure :slight_smile:


She makes excellent videos. Surtur contacted me after I saw one of her videos about him (the curse breaking one).

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