Extreme Sour Jar Breakup Spell

Hello Everyone, looking for opinions to create an extreme sour jar, not for lovers but to break up the relationship between two family members. I have the ingredients down pat but was wondering if anyone has a sure fire chant, incantation or evocation that would permanently destroy this relationship?

My idea is this:
Small Jar
Images of the two parties stapled back-to-back with their names and birthdays written on the back. Images anointed with destruction oil.
White vinegar, broken glass, dog poop, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, hot pepper sauce, sulphur powder, cayenne pepper, cruel man of the woods herb, twitch grass herb.

Then what I do is I light a black candle soaked and cleansed with vinegar and using a rusty nail I inscribe exactly what I want to be done, I then anoint the candle with the same destruction oil, then I roll it in graveyard dirt and pepper, I then light the candle on top of the jar while commanding the cosmic forces to destroy the relationship. I then sit a bit in front of the candle visualizing the two parties as enemies. When the candle has been consumed I then toss the jar in the ocean at night.

I am wondering if a demon could assist in this but I am not sure how to incorporate the use of the sigil and the instruction to the jar and candle.

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts.


Where did you find this method? Is this the exact method or you have customized it?

Hi David211, I “created” this method from reading various posts here, on lucky mojo forums and in a few books. What do you think of it?

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I am not familiar with this method exactly what you have wrote. I am also having a jar for last 6 days. And i am shaking it once in every night then lit a candle over this jar untill the candle fully burnt.

Don’t staple the images together. You are going to separate them not bring together. Just unpin the images and place them in the jar. I think it means the separation. However wait for sometime untill the experts of this forum leave some advice for you.

Good luck.


Hi David good point about the stapling, I will not use any staples. Good luck to you too!!


Hello there. That’s quite the mix you’ve got goin’ on there. I’ve never heard of destruction oil. It’s quite literally a recipe for disaster haha.

I’ve been doing freezer spells for breakups. I’ve got to try this though. As far as helpful demons go, Asmodeus takes sport in breaking couples up. You could draw out his sigil and place in under the jar. Write down your petition on the same page beneath the sigil. Burn it on the last night of the ritual. I’m reading up on Asmodeus now. I’m sure theres some kind of offering or at least some information we could use. That said, it’s fine as it is I’m sure.

Thank you.


You may use this incantations when you lit the candle. Someone of this forum used this and got relsult.

“Great Lucifer of the double edged sword.
Destroy this relation by my will
As i burn this candle over the jar
Gargrellday Astro, Mastro!”


lol@ that’s quite the mix, I can just imagine you saying that even though I don’t know your voice. Yup this one has got to me permanently destroyed, the thing is the one party (the dependent, ungrateful, user-er party) is into the occult so this is why I want a super powerful relationship destruction spell. I am going to use asmodeus for one of these and then David’s lucifer chant for another one.

How do your freezer breakup spells work I usually use freezer spells to freeze someone out of my life but never thought about using them to break up someone else. Do share please :slight_smile:

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Thanks David I will :slight_smile:

I am using this enn when i shake the jar.

" No longer the two of you are
The distance between two of you,
grows very far.
Away from each other.

From this day on
Never again
To each other be drawn
This spell is true
And you"ll breakup with each other before next dawn.
(You may customize the above two lines by your own format)

As i will
So it is done.
So mote it be."

Remember, when you shake the jar, put your all anger into it and visualize they are fighting like cats and dogs. Oh! One thing i forgot to share. You can add some hair of black cat and dog.


The first time I did it, I put their photo in a jar & command into the jar “(Their name) go away. (Their name) go away & never return.” Then I filled it about 60% up with some water and said it again some more until I was satisfied, screwed on the lid and put it in the freezer. I had success about three months later.

One could just easily say “(Their name) you gotta fuck off. You gotta get the fuck away from me (their name).” It’s your intent that’s the fuel.

Now I structure the water first. Erase its memory, before I program it with my intention. This is how I treat all water I use. We can get into that someday when I have infinity to spare.

Also, despite the fact my first jar spell worked I’ve elected to reword my commands as if they have already come to pass. Speaking in a lack mindstate is shooting yourself in the foot. So now it’s “(Their name) is no longer around me. (Their name) is gone.”

For breakup spells I say “(So and so and so and so) have broken up. They hate each other.” or “(So and so and so and so) are amicably divorced.”

After that you gotta let go of your thoughts about it. Think as if its not an issue because you fixed it, its done its over no need to think about washing the dishes after you already washed them. The whole thing is behind you now. Occupy your thoughts with other possibilities. New projects or interests you can occupy your thoughts with as reality shifts into the new program you’ve given it.

Thank you.


cough cough


This seems very very potent. Thanks so much!!!
Opening that jar tho…wow…are you sure it will explode??? Yes I saw your bold WILL but omg can I deal with that smell.

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I always find that my intent matters more than the ingredients technical purpose, and considerably more than what words I use. All sorts of spirits can be used in jar workings as well.

I choose things that represent a thought or feeling or event and throw those into my jar. I don’t usually do a petition paper and only occasionally use personal concerns for the target.

I then take a votive sized candle from the dollar tree- sometimes I have appropriate colors and sometimes they are just plain white.

I carve the targets name in the top with a pen, then I light the bitch up. If I’m summoning a spirit I sit back, light a cigarette and focus on my other sight. If I’m using a sigil I lay it in front of me, if not I call the name.

I acknowledge the spirit/s when they show up. I explain in detail what I’m looking to do. I then back up my cause with energy pushing or nudging things in the direction I need them to go. Sometimes this includes thought influencing, other times it’s situational only. If I didn’t summon a spirit I simply got into a light trance state where I am more sensitive to energy sent and received and do the energy work.

There are no sure fire words In this life imop. Sometimes you get lucky and get a bit of aid. Sometimes you’re naturally talented. Sometimes you just got it cuz your experience and skill is top notch, but guaranteed words or words thst are more successful than others? Idk if I buy it. Seems like the persons belief it will happen or doubt would affect it considerably more than their wording might. Sighs. Intent eh?

The other thing, the one that always sways me to scanning thread titles once in a while and not actually being active here… honestly their are spirits that will do things for you. Sometimes favors, sometimes with a cost, sometimes maybe just to be nice idk all the reasons. Maybe just you commanded it to. Spirit work- works definitely, but. Not always the way I want. Not always as effectively as I wanted. Not always in the time frame I concerned reasonable.

Point is, I find the energy work/ back up to me spiritual workings to be more powerful than most of the summoning and requesting has gone. Now then teaching however… spirits are great at showing you how to apply a concept if you ask. It’s more likely to come up in a real situation than for them to tell me the answer outright.



The smell is awful. Recommended to do it outside with plenty of ventilation!
As far as it exploding, well. I used a big pickle jar, the gases inside are enough to make the lid bulge up even after just a day, so I’m sure it’ll just pop off and spill all that nastiness everywhere if you were to leave it lol
Plus, some of the other souring jar spells on here say the same thing

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@Mina @David211 @Keteriya @Eibwen_glab

Just updating you all so I did the extreme sour jar this morning, following the suggestion about not stapling and used David’s incantation (modified a bit) with the images of the two people also under the candle which was on top of the jar. I also used a demonic ritual afterwards and then burnt the images of the two parties.

I went to check on my jar and candle which was left on the floor. The candle tore through the cap of the jar (I guess it was not fireproof enough or the spell was that intense). I decided I would not allow me to discard the jar and begin again tomorrow. So I put the jar into a bigger jar and will be burying this larger jar tonight.

What are your thoughts. I am also thinking about doing it once more again tomorrow. The one that I detest and really would like to drop dead this instant actually celebrates a birthday tomorrow so I am keen on ruining it in any way possible.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Hey… Is the cap of your jar made from plastic? I have faced the same situation. After burning it for 10 days the candle made a hole into my jar. Some the person in this forum suggested me to get rid of and make a new jar. As the sign didn’t looks good for them. I obeyed their suggestion and threw it into water. Made a new jar and shaking this since last 7 days.

Wait for expert suggestion.

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Hi David the cap of the jar was made out of plastic but a sturdy type maybe an industrial type polyethylene the jar itself was from a medical facility and I deliberately used in because the glass was a deep brown color.

I will do it over tomorrow this time with a jar with a metal cover. My only issue it that most of the jars I have left are the baby food ones and I have realized that many times the lids do not stay put. I have another tiny jar dark coloured as well with a metal cap I will probably go with that.

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i just finished doing a sour jar…
but instead of using break up spirits i used seere for this one to bring forward the results swiftly.

wrote the names of the two and tore it apart. the one i wanted to banish folded away from me and the target towards me three times.

ingredients :
white vinegar
black whole pepper
red chilly
green chilli
dried red chilly flakes
broken glass
razor blades
nine rusty nails ( dropped each one saying this will hurt your relation , everytime u come together this will pinch you, etc)
black salt
black dog hair
white cat hair
red chilly powder
1 lemon cut in half squeezed and dropped everything .

didbt had a black candle but i was so pissed off i took a sharpie and started painting it black . meditated on the candle . shook the jar cursed over it … pour my anger onto it .
put the jar on top of the seere sigil and put the candle on the jar. lit it. started cursing it more…

half way through it had quite good flame, steady and tall. white smoke puffs . there were sparks since the beginning. played seeres enn on the background.

half way through the flame got really tall and started going all over the place so tall that it started turning orange and i could see trail of smoke leave the flame.that went on for quite some time. after a while the flame got steady again.

later i realised everytime i even touch the jar even light (as to not alter the wind around it.)
the flame flickers as soon as i touch it . that was strange for me . any advice as to why it happened ?


Can anyone read the wax ? Help me out?

Much thanks