Extracting Money From Wealthy In-Laws

Alright, so here’s my situation in a nutshell. My marriage is breaking apart because my husband repeatedly cheats with and is financially taken advantage of by various men. If I could heal his mental illness (he has dissociative identity disorder, i.e. multiple personalities), I would, but I’m not sure if he’d even let me. Regardless, I need to make sure I plan for my future, and his parents have a lot of money.

Right now, we have combined assets (mostly the house) of about $450,000 and combined debts of about $200,000 for a total net worth of about $250,000. But my husband’s parents have millions; I’m not exactly sure how many million, but it’s at least $3,000,000 that we know about. His father is into some less than legal white collar deals, so there’s a very high likelihood of significant hidden assets.

I want a chunk of that fortune, and after the hell that those people put me through, I have zero hesitation for taking a share. Probably the easiest way for that to happen is for my husband’s father to give a large sum of money to my husband, of which I would be entitled to half during divorce proceedings. Which spirit(s) would be best to call upon for help in this matter?

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So I’m just catching up on replies and I’m about to do so, but first;

You intend to deprive a mentally ill gay man of money, to make yourself personally rich - tell me again about your being a liberal?! :rofl:

Okay that said (because honestly it would fester if not :smiling_imp:) you could try to ask Buné , she handles many matters of inheritance, her seal is below:


This is from a page by Jason Miller, offhand I don’t know which one you should use for this, I don’t use sigils much:



What you can reasonably expect to happen:

If you wanted to try and help him with a magickal approach, core shamanism is good for fractured selves, I’ll send you the method via PM and thern you can decide if you want to try it out.

And yes I am teasing you above, but I take magick seriously so I’m replying on the level, the more people do this work the more the world I want to see comes into being, it;s as simple as that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose you do have a point! :rofl: But more seriously, the reality is that my husband’s father’s fortune is at least partially illegally obtained, so I don’t have much remorse for digging into it a bit. I’m under no illusions that I’m going to suddenly be a millionaire, but I wouldn’t mind coming out of divorce with a house I own the majority of.

I’ve actually never seen her name spelled with an acute accent (é) - is it pronounced “Boon-ay”, or just “Boon”? Also, thank you for linking all of those resources! I will look through them today.

That would be much appreciated, thank you! We’ve tried every medical therapeutic regimen there is, and nothing has worked. If this works, I’ll owe you big time. :slight_smile:


Cool, you have the PM now so take a look through, everything you should need is in it but PM me with questions and I’ll reply as time permits. :+1:

I pronounce it like Boon-ay, I forget where that originated but I get a good response using that pronunication, and have a strong working relationship with her.


I am not sure if you practice magick yet, but if you do, to add a little more spice on top of what @Lady_Eva said, who always gives great advice… collect some dirt from their home and your home, incorporate it into your workings. By owning it, you are also owner of the land. Which is likely partially owned by their bank. If not, you can collect the dirt from their home, and some from their banks property. Again, this is if you know what to do with it. Good Luck :blush:



Excellent advice, IMO, since the trigger for that chain of event would be the wealthy man’s death.

I would also call Foras into the situation once it came time to go to court. Foras is the one to speak to in matters of law and money together, in my experience, especially if you are getting screwed over.

Another perspective, though. You could try to use magick to un-screw your current beau’s transgressions, therefore being in a future position to direct the entire $3,000,000+ with your own hand through future magickal workings. I wouldn’t, but it is an option.


I may be going down the road of the Black Magician, but I’ll have to do a bit of soul searching as to whether I could live with directly causing (by magick) the death of my father-in-law, a man that I’ve never met who lives on and is from the other side of the planet (China). I’m honestly not sure.

Thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely do that. In reality, though, I don’t want to go to court. The complexity and time consumption of that outweighs the benefits, so mediation is probably the way to go. Would Foras still be useful for mediation proceedings?

Can you elaborate? Any magick that could fix our marriage would have to, by definition, address my husband’s mental illness. He has dissociative identity disorder (also known as multiple personalities), and the alter currently at the helm wants nothing more than to run for the hills. Of all of his alters, about half of them want to make the marriage work, and the other half want divorce.

Do you know (I’m not asking you to share) the origin of his illness? I don’t know much about it, but have read that serious trauma can cause it.

If that’s the case, his own Higher Self may assist you in getting some compensation off his dad, if the family were to blame or turned a blind eye.

I don’t mind sharing. Yes, I do know the source, although I don’t know all of the details. You’re correct that serious trauma caused it. Serious, repetitive trauma of the physical, emotional, and to a lesser extent, sexual varieties by his father, the man with the $3,000,000+ fortune I mentioned.

They are more than to blame. How exactly would such a working be done?


You mean he might have been sexually molested by his father ?

Yes. I don’t know how much happened, as my husband’s memory is fuzzy due to the disorder, but I do know that his father forcibly kissed him in a sexual way (kissing of the French variety) while naked in the shower as a child. The guy is downright evil.

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Very sad. There is a section dealing with child molesters here.
Taking Down Pedogate - Operation Hera.

Along that I have sent you a PM regarding use of psionics and some useful one or two financial sorcery sigils, check them.

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You always have a great sense of humor :joy::joy::joy::joy:


There are many ways, so don’t take this as only and gospel, but the fastest one I know of is to learn the method I sent, that’s the first part (and necessary, it’s the initiation) then the 2nd part is Upper World and that’s where you can meet with Higher Selves, your own, people, animals, etc.

So, when you can interact with your spirit animal you retrieve in Part One, you will be able to interact with other spirits more over time (like a cross between your eyes adjusting in a dark room, and developing muscles) and then when you’re able to do this, visit his HS in the astral, and make your case to them.

Have a go on that first one and let me know how it works for you, then I’ll walk you through anything else needed to complete that bit. Proceed with confidence and don’t let your brain hang you up on what’s “real” right now, just stay open and do the structuring (active) part, then see what you perceive, could be tactile or sounds as much as vision, and like I said it won’t be cinema sharp or anything right away. :+1:


bune’s a she? Honestly I wish the gender of these spirits were immediately known when looking at a grimoire

Of course I don’t know the laws in your state, but where I live gifts are not community property under most situations. I think perhaps if money is placed into a shared joint account then it might be, but anyway you need to look into the legal mumbo jumbo from all angles because a large cash gift is taxable after a certain amount as well and you need to have this all planned so it benefits you the most.

I would also suggest working with Lilith in the case of your father in law. I’m sure she would love to pay him a visit

it may be a bit late for your reply :).
may be useful for others

Raum, a vampire demon, is the most suitable demon for this subject. Raum can help you get a share of the holding you work for, live comfortably without paying the rent of the house you stay in, may cause your target to make his fortune on you (you should be in touch) and get a noticeable increase in your salary.

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Use Gremory

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Can you send it to me as well? Thank you! :smiley: