Experiential Transference

What I have learned over twelve years of exploring consciousness and radicalizing perspective is that your level of madness or clarity is what determines the quality of magic you are able to transfer into somebody else’s mind and heart. Acceptance of death and depth of love as well as intensity of hate, and thee extent at which you are able to experience bliss and flow are all important factors to keep in mind whence attempting to change someone else’s experience. You wont be able to murder by magic someone or throw them into madness unless you yourself are able to experience that same hate, death and madness with total clear comfort.

Same with joy and love, your levels of such things are what determine the levels of thise things you are able to evoke within another.

I think this makes sense for magik that relies on emotion as the vehicle, or as a source of power. Not all magic does though. A human is made up of much more than just the emotional body, so I think to focus on only that layer to perform magik would be limiting.

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Its true I am a very mental emotional oriented person and i i do believe in the power of demons and angels but to get real authentic contact and to influence them for influencing others is rare and only occurs with people who have this kind of deep intense experience and for a demon or angel to work with u or even use u it has to be circumstantial for them and their rekwirements are hard to fill