Experiences with spells for meeting people

Hey guys

I’m curious what experiences you guys had with doing spells to meet an “ideal” person and how it worked.


I’ve never done a rituall for such things, but I have had success with Spare-style sigls for meeting people. They work very well.

You could use the old British back hand a mason thief trick. Steal something where you are absolutely sure you won’t be caught, then meditate on it in public, vibrate it, etc. and watch the local mason parade you past a bunch of linked people, some are nasty(unless you like cops), some are tards, and some are greens, all magically inclined so you at least have a point in common.

Make petition to Aphrodite. She will help

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what do you mean by using sigils for meeting people? in what context I mean

do elaborate?

The Spare method of sigilization. You make a statement of intent, for example, “It is my will to meet some new and interesting people.”

Then you remove all the repeating letters, so in my example you are left with “ITSMYWLOEN”

Then you take those letters, and squish them down into a glyph.

Then you fire the sigil, by attaining a state of vacuity via a preferred method, such as meditation, spinning, orgasm, etc.

Then you promptly forget about it and let your subconscious mind, or the multiverse, depending on your approach, manifest it.

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I mean when you say you used it to meet people what do you mean?

examples of that

I have used it to meet new and interesting people. There’s not really anything more to it than that.

I’ve used the technique to meet fellow writers and actors. I’ve used it to meet women. Whatever your definition of new and interesting people is.

Ah, so basically just writing it is my desire to meet this and this kind of person____ and forget about it?

Yes. Whatever your intent is.

It is my will to meet new and interesting people.
It is my will to meet a sexy and intelligent woman.
It is my will to meet some fellow magicians.
It is my will to meet a famous cartoonist.
It is my will to meet my favourite actress.

Turn it into a sigil. Launch it into the wilds of the multiverse. Forget you did anything and get on with your life.

Your intention will manifest sometime within 3 months usually, depending on the variables involved.

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