Experiences with parallel realities

I have a very silly but strange experience, I’m not sure in which reality I’m in now. I pay my credit card bill by clicking on the pay here link provided in the statement but in the latest statement it is not there. So I checked and downloaded all the statements ever since I took the card. The pay here link is not there even in one statement. I checked with a friend who has the same card, he also confirmed that he pays through by clicking the pay here link in the statement.

This is weird but not in a good way because the ME in this reality must be very horny! To be specific I have become exceedingly horny since few days.

Does anyone have experience with parallel realities with noticeable biological or psychological changes?

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Yep, all the time. So far nothing too inconvenient. I think software configurations are very susceptible to change, and for me signs and colors also change, once a thing I bought disappeared including the transaction - I didn’t buy it in any version I’ve been in since.

I usually get a moment of uncertainly, like if I fell over and I’m checking myself for injury, hoping nothing major is out of whack. But sometimes I don’t notice right away. I can usually put my finger on when the switch happened though.

Haven’t had too many issues physiologically. My current vessel has better endurance, is fitter and feels younger with no real effort put in to justify it. I doubled my running mileage to 6 miles with no training last week, so that’s new. It IS ridiculously horny right now, but that’s it’s natural state that I’d had blocked off for convenience, and some inner work I was doing undid my blocks across all my current 'verses so i think that’s unrelated.


Would you know how to switch consciously? I’m curious to try and tracking the changes.

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One person talked about their experience. They woke up in a body with a different life. The next day they were back though.

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There are some good YouTube channels with paranormal and creepy videos. I have seen almost every parallel reality and multiverse video on YouTube :smile: