[ Experiences ] When you have too many (?) Sigils in your room 🌋

Have you ever worked with more sigils in the same time (more than 5 opened one), then leave them around your room, near to you?

A topic being created some days ago about it, and this whole thing have my attention.

Especially since yesterday, when I a sudden intuition asked me a new sigil covered with my blood (I’ve absolutely no idea why are these happens with me - if you have any idea, please share with me):


Other “Guys”:



And a Sigil tattoo of Abaddon (slowly I get these above as a tattoo, too).

Now I feel myself very-very comfortable in my room, but I’m getting easily nervous when I know someone around these and I feeling haunts me; I did not want these sigils disappears from my near. I want them there. They have to stay.

My family members find hard to fall asleep than before (I’m not sure these are because of the Sigils, but I did something some days ago and I can remember that this was the first day when it started with them - it connected to a Sigil as well) and even my cat acts really weird in my room.

So . . .
Have you ever experienced any effects on you when you used
or let around you too many opened sigils?
What kind of experiences are these was?

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some time had 10 and more sigils on the altar, like a big ritual for a week and leave it there for another week the energy is intense but dependes the relation and respect that you got to them.