How many sigils is too much to have around?

Every spirit or daemon has its purpose and caracteristics, and i guess you call some to fix or help with the things you want to acomplish.
Now as i feel some have darker caracteristics than others is it proper or safe to keep them arround together? Or should you stick to only the one you want to work with untill the goal is met? And then move on to the next?

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In his book Works of Darkness, EA describes an incident where a friend was just getting into magick, and opened dozens of seals at the same time. EA found him sitting on his bed, staring into space with spirits all around.

From this, EA gives the advice to have no more than 3 seals open at once, to prevent such an overload. With experience and practice, you will eventually be able to handle the influx of energies, but I still find this to be a good, general rule of thumb.

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I can agree with this, dear OP.

I started working with Abaddon first, then within the next days with Lucifer, Belial and now Chernobog is here (this all within 1 months). And before it’s all happened, I was already with Pazuzu for 2 years (even in nowdays), together.

So there is 5 Gods there, and I’m working with Them all. Only the last 7 days looks like, They’re cooperated with each other for my cause somehow, because 3 of Them stayed there with me, who’s presence I can sense right now (Lucifer, Chernobog and Pazuzu).

However, Their sigil are still there. All of them, and Abaddon’s sigil is on my wrist, as a tattoo (and I’m ready to get all of sigils of Those Gods who I worked and made a great relationship with Them).

So yes, be careful, because you’ll be easily overloaded, and it can be very unhealthy and dangerous.

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