Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"


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You can most definitely sell your soul! The soul is the thing that makes sense of perceptions- it’s why we’re standing on a planet as opposed to floating in a sea of vibrations- and by selling it you give the buyer control over what and how you perceive. It takes a lot of trust to do something like that, since the one you sell it to essentially owns your individuality! :slight_smile:


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Or as i liked to say:

What do you mean selling your Soul.

You think that’s worth anything?
Have you seen it?

Well what do you expect in for “nothing”, then. xD


Make it worth something,
and you might not be such interested in giving away your soul anymore.





That was beautifully written :slight_smile:

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Because it has many good references and gets lost in the mire of posting history :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember at one time (as a kid) I wanted to sell my soul, because I was hoping that if I didn’t have so much moral integrity, I could do stuff I wanted and go along with the crowd, get people to like me etc. (and ironically get in less trouble with authority figures.) What I didn’t realize then is who my demonic patrons were, and how much they already were influencing me.

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Bumps from the outer realms :fire::skull::fire:


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It’s what you do to show your Dedication, during Evocation, all the Gatekeepers and others beings for anything especially with an offering. It’s like that you enter into an agreement and if you choose this path won’t your soul change anyways?

just out of curiousity, whod you sell it to? an Infernal King?

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The question is, who would you rather serve?
The powers on earth? The politicians? The rich and powerful? The system /society that leads us to corruption? Or would you rather serve the Demons, being them inside your head or outside, they usually give better choices then everything else I mentioned above, so what is your choice? Simple.
I give it away freely to the Demons, any second, wouldn’t even think twice.

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O.o I question why you would want to serve anyone when self sovereignty is generally the goal.
I strive to work with my soul toward my goals and tend to make a meal of those who would bind me.

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Good luck eating the government that rules your life from the moment you’re born until you die.