Experience with Duchess Bune

After my experience with Duke Sallos, I decided to call upon another Demon from the Goetia. I did some reading and I saw that Duchess Bune may be able to help me out with what I petition her with. Using Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick book, I used ritual 1 just like I had done with Duke Sallos. I wrote my petition, stated my offerings, etc…After the ritual, I asked Duchess Bune a couple of questions by using the 4 penny method to receive my answers. One of the questions was the same that I asked Duke Sallos; would she show me what she looks like. She answered yes.
Maybe a few days later, out of the blue, I get an image of a very beautiful middle eastern looking woman, very slender, about in her mid twenties, with short black hair and wearing a green top. The image was only from about her shoulders up. It was a brief image and then that was it. No other image or thought or anything, but the image was crystal clear. Hmmm, maybe that was Duchess Bune showing me what she looked like I thought.
Later on, I called upon Duchess Bune and asked her if that image was her showing me what she looked like. She answered yes. Now here is where things start to get interesting. I then get the same image of Duchess Bune, but this time a full body image. She was wearing the same green top, but no pants. No pants, no underwear, no nothing from the waist down. Except for the green top, she was nude. I then get these images or short clips of us having sex. When Duke Sallos showed me an image of me with a woman, it was like I was in the moment with her. This was different. This was like I was looking at pictures or a brief movie clip of her and I together. Clear as day, but it was like I’m looking at it after the fact. Still, an awesome experience.
But wait, there’s more. Maybe a week or so later, I had another petition for Duchess Bune. After the ritual, I again asked Duchess Bune if that was her showing me those images and clips. She said yes. So it was not just me imaging them. She said no. Great, will you show me again I asked. She said yes.
I then get a brief clip of a woman floating towards me. I can only see her from the torso up. It is the same woman, although instead of being in her mid twenties, she looked a little older, maybe early to mid thirties and her black hair was longer now, but there was no doubt that it was the same woman. Instead of a green top, she was wearing a red top with gold on it. She floated up to me and embraced me. I then start to get these images and clips of her and I together again. Once again, she is nude from the waist down, only wearing the red and gold top. A clip that stood out to me was her on top of me, riding me, still wearing the red and gold top, but then I noticed her putting what seemed to be a snake in my stomach. I couldn’t see the head. All that I saw was part of this bright green body with scales go into my stomach. It didn’t hurt, no blood, nothing like that. It just kind of went straight into me. I could also see my surroundings a little. It looked to be like a temple or pyramid of some sort.
After that I get a clip, but this clip was kind of like I was in the moment so to speak. I’m laying down and the Duchess is covering me in a blanket, like she is tucking me in. I cant hear her speak, but I can sense what she is saying. She is telling me that I need my rest, that I need to go to sleep. I then see me laying next to her, holding her around the waist. She is telling me that she can’t lay down with me right now, but I do not let go. She then says you think your strong, but I’m a lot stronger. I then look up and see this greyish brown demon staring down at me. The Duchess is no longer in my arms. It didn’t frighten me and it wasn’t meant to frighten me, just to show me whats up. I told her that I like your other form better. She said I thought so and returned to her beautiful form. She then went back to covering me with a blanket and telling me to go to sleep. Now during this whole thing, I’m wide awake in real life seeing this, but once she said that I needed to go to sleep, I found myself literally going to sleep.
The next time I talked to Duchess Bune, I asked her about this experience. I asked her if the snake going into my body was her linking with me. She said yes and I am now linked to her and under her guidance and protection. I also asked her about the clips and images of us having sex. Not everyone has this experience with her she said. I asked her then why me, but she would not tell me. Every question I came up with asking why came up with a no answer, so I do not know why. Maybe one day, I will figure it out or she will tell me. I also asked her if she was would show herself to me. She said no. Okay, but will you show yourself again to me in the future I asked. She said yes.
Duchess Bune does pop in sometimes to talk, not nearly as much as Duke Sallos though. Her energy is different from Duke Sallos, where Duke Sallos energy is strong and hits me in the head, hers is strong, but I feel it mainly in my shoulders. She does like to talk and answer questions, but like Duke Sallos she gets annoyed at me sometimes. It is not so much my questions, but some of my questions tend to repeat somewhat, which shows some self doubt, as is human nature. She told me not to doubt the process, which I don’t for the most part, but sometimes it is hard. Even though she does get annoyed sometimes, I asked her if she likes talking to me and she said yes.
My petitions to her have not come to pass yet, but there are many signs that show it is working. When I asked her if my petitions were coming along, she said yes and that is when she told me not to doubt the process, to let it go. My experience with Duchess Bune has been wonderful so far and i look forward to what the future brings. Also out of respect to her, I asked her if she was okay with me sharing my experience with her. She said yes.
Duchess Bune, I know that you are reading this and I just want to thank you again and I look forward to learning from you in the future.



One of my petitions to Duchess Bune came to pass. Funny thing is that the petition was not even for me. It was to help a family member land a new job.

After I had did my initial petition, my family member started to receive job interviews left and right. Some were promising, some were not, but it showed me that Duchess Bune was indeed working.

After a few weeks, out of the blue, I received a brief image of Duchess Bune. Same image that I usually get from her, just a brief picture of her from the shoulders up, although this time, she was wearing a blue top. Later on, I was talking with my family member and she told me that she had received 2 job offers pending standard background checks. So maybe Duchess Bune was giving me a heads up that my petition was about ready to happen.

I called upon Duchess Bune and asked her if that was her showing me an image of her. She stated yes. I asked her if the petition was ready to come to pass. She answered yes. I stated that as soon as the background checks came through and a job was excepted I would have my payment ready for her as agreed upon.

A couple of days later, the background checks came through and a job was excepted. I then called upon Duchess Bune and gave her my payment. While this was happening, I got the thought of a pact in my mind. I asked Duchess Bune if she had put that thought in my head. She stated yes. I asked her if she was interested in a having a pact with me. She answered yes. I told her that I’m interested also, but I need to think about what to ask for, how to write it up, what I would offer, etc… She was agreeable to this.

I think a pact with Duchess Bune could be a wonderful thing, but I’m going to really make sure that i do it right. I have never done a pact before and I feel that having a pact with an entity is very serious. It shows commitment from the entity and from myself. I’m really looking froward to it. So that is my new experience with the Duchess.

Duchess Bune, I know that you are reading this, so I just want to publicly thank you again for your help and I look forward to keep building my relationship with you.



Another petition to Duchess Bune came to pass. This one was the same as the previous one; to help a different family member receive a new job. Unlike the previous petition, this one took a little longer to manifest.

After my petition to the Duchess, my family member was receiving some job interviews, but nothing was coming from it. They were promising, but no concrete job offer. I went back and looked at what I wrote for the petition (I write down what I ask for in a petition so that I can go back and see exactly how it was asked) and realized what had happened. I forgot to put a time frame on it.

I called upon the Duchess and explained what happened. I asked her if I could do a new petition, this time with a time frame. She agreed. Long story short, after doing a new petition with a time frame, it came to pass, within the time frame.

Moral of the story is this. When doing a petition to a spirit, put in a time frame. It makes a world of difference.

Duchess Bune as always you have my sincere love and gratitude. Thank you for all that you do.


Were you talking to her through the 4 penny divination method ?


Yes, although now I’m getting to where I can somewhat hear her when she speaks, maybe 75-80% accurate. Sometimes I have to use the pennies to double check to see if it was indeed her or self talk. Sometimes I can faintly hear her voice or words may just pop into my head or she even puts songs into my head such as if I ask her a question, all of a sudden a certain part of a song will pop into my head which will correspond to my question.


This seems to be a possible part of the process of the senses opening ive seen this in part or as a whole paraphrased in other posts while digging around.


sounds more like gremory then bune

Are you doing divination for others or no?

It was Duchess Bune. I have never worked with Gremory, but if she is anything like Duchess Bune, then she would be great to work with.


No, I am still working out the kinks in doing divination for myself. It is a work in progress, but it’s getting there.


Do you mean bune the duke? Yeah Bune is a duke not a duchess, but its not a big deal or anything.

Yeah, except every spirit can come in any form they want, especially considering how most of Goetia spirits were ancient gods that got completely modified and demonized, including their gender, abilities, forms, and so on.

Furthermore, every spirit has their dark and light sides, their feminine and masculine sides, just as we do, except since they are on the astral, it’s much more fluid, and they can change their form to represent this.

And to top it off, Bune has been appearing as a woman to a lot of people, so that is why people call her Duchess.



These entities appear in whatever form is most applicable to whomever they are dealing with.

For example - for some people Duke Dantalion is a single entity whereas for me I have the Duke Dantalion Call Centre and receive a different sounding voice every single time. Yes it is the same entity but please take a look at the classic image of the Duke and see how this may be the case.

The ritual always runs the same way so there is no doubt that I am dealing with one entity.

I don’t ask any entity (by that I mean Goetic, Dukante or Koetting Gods) to appear - I know they are there; they have nothing to prove to me and I had a discussion with the great Duke Dantalion this morning about how rituals have changed from ones where they’ve been expected to perform like dancing bears for the magus to active helpers - and they much prefer the latter.

There are no hard and fast rules - if you are respectful and open minded - a Duke can be a Duchess, a King a Queen, it’s to do with hierarchy and it isn’t as you imagine. There is always something to learn.


I can only speak from my experiences with her, but Duchess Bune has always appeared to me as a woman.


I never said it was a guy, but if people do not keep any consistency with tradition then misinformation is spread and why don’t you just call the goetia pizza? I understand the spirit does not come in the same picture as in the goetia, I have had that experience too. But calling everything whatever you want can destroy a whole system, its so post modern, but do what you want I was not attacking you. From a trans attack helicopter


If it offends your sensibilities or that of the entity so greatly, then ask what its correct title is.


If you dig into some of the work others have done with these spirits you’ll find consistency with them, with the “tradition” not so much as the traditional method of the text includes attempting to bind and threaten these spirits. Which most would not end well to say the least.

Consistency with “tradition” is overrated, an exception being if there are constant result of using said title. One of the only spirits i have heard is particular about this is king paimon.

If they are getting beneficial results then that is what matter.
Take what works adapt it leave the rest.


I agree, with results. It was just my opinion

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I have the demons book of magic what page is the penny ritual on?


Do you people think Bune is appropriate spirit for stock market and forex?