Experience I can’t explain

Okay, this happened to me two or three years ago, so I apologize if it isn’t super descriptive. I’m trying to remember as much detail as I can. I still haven’t been able to explain this though, and I’m kinda curious what other people here have to say.

So basically, I had a dream that I went to this house. Honestly I have no clue how I got there. The house was surrounded by this like…river that was actually made of spirits or souls or something like that. The landscape looked really crazy…sort of dark and misty, the sky was almost red in color. I know that all sounds weird…
But anyways, I enter this house (no idea how I got across the “river” and I’m looking around, basically just trying to figure out where tf I’m at. This girl that has this sort of…shimmering light around her appears out of nowhere and grabs my arm and starts pulling me towards the door and says something along the lines of “he isn’t in a good mood right now. I’m gonna get you out of here.” and all the sudden whoever “he” is obviously realized what was going on because all the sudden I’m like torn from this girl and this massive guy, like 10-15 feet tall, kinda scruffy looking, is holding me in the air by my shirt and is about to fuck me up, when it’s like he takes another look at me, recognizes me and looks kinda puzzled, then puts me down and allows me to leave. Here’s where it gets weird… While this is happening, I notice a friend of mine there, standing by this girl and watching with this horrified look on his face.

So, I wake up and I’m going about my day, and I get a text. It’s the friend I had seen in my dream, and he’s like “I had the craziest fucking dream last night. You were in it, there was this girl, we were in this house…” all this stuff that he would have no way of knowing without having actually seen it.

So…if anyone knows what…that is, please inform me.


Yes well @Astral13 as you are familiar there is something called the astral plane, this is sort of a dreamscape soul travel place of manifestation and then there is the physical plane that is where we are right now. Then there is the etheric plane that tends to like to overlap with the physical and astral. Think of the etheric plane where telepathy happens, where you and all your friends are connected through a subconscious internet where you are constantly facebooking each other and forgetting. I’d say you were in a state that was astral but with etheric overlay. That is how I would understand it anyway.


That makes sense. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the etheric plane. I would have just assumed it was another astral projection experience but then I saw someone I know, and they remembered it, so I was really confused.

Your friend verified the gnosis from your dream, that’s awesome.

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There’s apparently a whole sub-set of the lucid dreaming community that try to have shared dreams. Basically like what you described, but intentional and repeatable. I don’t much about it, I’ve never been able to get into lucid states repeatably.

After reading a bit on the etheric plane, I think you might be right.

That you are trapped in a house surrounded by a river of lost souls, this astral plane seems to be a symbol and then meet a shiny spirit might indicate you are being haunted by your past indecision or confusion and need to confront major issues that you are not addressing.

This indecision that you thought is removed, is actually continuing to have a effect on your current life by the massive individual picking you up and grabbing you and putting you down while your friend looks on. Rather than letting yourself be frightened by your indecision you need to confront issues that you are indecisive about. Begin to take charge again, by taking more responsibility for your decisions, carry through and make them in earnest. The indecision might be about the friend looking on.