Hello anybody here does exorcism service in this website? I don’t know how to exorcise this demonic spirit inside me. Any help would be appreciated

This is your sixth thread about this topic, and your second specifically asking members to do an exorcism for you.

If no one was willing in your first thread, opening a second asking the same thing isn’t going to change people’s answers.


Well you know a way to exorcise an entity? I’ve been trying to find real knowledge for exorcism and cannot find none.

What do you mean “cannot find none” ?!


You already got lots of answers to this question.

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first see how it is attaching itself to you - which of the negative traits of consciousness is its target. There are usually more than one. So tell me what addictions do you have ? Demons will manipulate different negative traits. Here is the order that you should towards -
Firstly and plainly - Psychosis/ Negative traits of consciousness. Greed avarice lust vanity etc. These can be the tools that demons use.

Secondarily you should look towards HUMAN spiritual attachment or astral attacks.

Thirdly if all else is not the case (the most unlikely) demonic possession.

In the first instance very often delusion or psychosis can lead to addiction - most psychotic people are in some form or other addicted to their negative behavioural patterns (greed - avarice etc etc). It might involve a focus like alcohol or drugs or could even be exercise and of course food to name some. Addiction ALL addiction is basically founded on endorphin addiction which is pretty much natural bodily produced heroin. With these traits the cure is in the virtues - discipline - compassion - humility - intelligence - creativity - mindfulness - et al - discipline in curing addiction is of course of vital import. People can very often see the traits that they have within themselves as somehow outside as if possessed - due to their refusal to accept (part of the delusion) that they have such traits or addictions.

Spirit attachment (human) can be devastating and is very seldom even considered - there are some mainstream ‘psychology’ practitioners that deal with human spirit attachments.

Thirdly and the most UNLIKELY is demon possession. There are stages - and actual/full possession is very rare. These are the three stages -

  • Manifestation and Infestation. (this is external ie in your house etc)
  • Oppression.
  • Full Possession. (they have to wear you down for this to occur - usually in the previous stages)

So an example that could lead to full possession -

Ouija board asking demonic entities to come to you through the ether without a proper understanding.
This leads to infestation which will lead to oppression as the demon/s find your weaknesses. Sleep deprivation will occur due to fear and this in itself will wear you down to the point of collapse. You would get very ill at this point and without proper care (mental health will be affected). This could lead to full possession and incarceration into the loony bin probably you would/could never get out, as they don’t really consider possession or even diagnose it.



Not in here but I know a lady on fb she’s very popular with that has lot of ratings with demonology and exorcisim , you can check her page Lucy Baker . However I did a tarot reading with her a year ago and all she said was bullshit and never came through !

Pazuzu. Many thanks to Pazuzu

Saint Benito, there is hole ritual about it with his medals.

Why not invite them to come out for tea and biscuits instead of trying to exorcise them. I’m sure if you try you can come to an understanding