Exorcising a Succubus

So from my knowledge when I had one attached to me (uninvited so i thought) I ended up writing down all the things I forgave myself for and burned the paper; then told the spirit it must go and got Saint Micheal involved.

I have a friend who has some attached to him that are becoming vampiric and he only has resolve when he cuts himself.

What are some options to banishing these spirits. Confrontation ?

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Try Pazuzu. One of his specialities is driving out spirits. See Many thanks to Pazuzu for more info.


Sounds like the fate magician. He pushes u in a direction to face it with in or out … once you realize fear is an illusion and have accepted your shadow … this entity could have watched over you since u were a child … if your a better person now as before your resent experience with him … wisdom comes from experience. Your friend on the other hand is being tormented and the choice in up to you cause you can likely help him enlightening him to assure that he isn’t alone but asist his situation with his choices and actions which in end result a big uplift


I’ll defiantly look into him , but before I’d have him involved in someone’s life I’d want to have a foundation!

I appreciate the information!

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You are awesome!! That has helped me understand a lot in my situation :pray:.

I’ve been having great revelations and that is a definite bridge. I’ll be sure to help with the inner enlightening!

Thanks again


Awsome glad I could come to some assistance :cowboy_hat_face: