Exclusive Interview with Coronavirus

I was daydreaming and trying to do a pathworking with Buer, one of the Goetic physicians.

Then this young lady with dark shoulder length hair kept interrupting in my vision. She looked like she was in her early twenties, but gave off a much more mature, professional vibe. She was not remarkably pretty, but not unattractive. She seemed plain. She actually reminded of the several female journalists on TV.

She was professionally dressed in a business suit that constantly changed colors. From indigo to lime green and yellow. She also had on a pendant of a ball with unusual spikes. I knew from graphics I saw that this was the shape of the COVID-19 virus. She introduced herself as Corona.

Q. Who are you? I was trying to speak to Doctor Buer.
A. I am Corona. I did not mean to interrupt, but I must talk to you.
Q. Stay away from me! You are the one who is killing humanity.
A. If I wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead, sir. You have asthma and sleep apnea, right?
Q. Yes.
A. You’re being spared for a reason. You will survive this and much worse after me.
Q. What do you want from me?
A. Pass on a few things to those at BALG that will understand.
Q. I will do my best.
A. You say that I am destroying humanity. You’re all doing a good enough job of that killing yourselves. Changing the climate, burning your forests, and polluting your oceans. You have wars over petty disputes.
Q. I can’t be political…
A. This isn’t about politics! It’s about humanity waking up to its potential. I’m just a tool. A “pause button”, so to speak. To get you humans to slow down.
Q. Were you created in a laboratory? Are you from China?
A. Does it matter? I am one of a group of viruses that have existed for a long time. Then humanity started experimenting. Genetic engineering you call it. Then some of you decided to release me into society. We are weapons, then you get angry when we don’t perform the way you want us to.
Q. What do you want us to know?
A. I apologize for making people sick and killing people. That’s what I’m here to do.
Q. Bye.
A. Goodbye.

Viruses are just essentially pieces of data that have no life until they attach to a living cell. Aren’t thoughtforms, servitors and egregores similar? This is the lesson that Corona is trying to teach us in her smart-ass, abrasive way.

As usual, it is up to you to confirm if this comes from where I say it comes from and if it speaks to you personally.


Cyber… man… We have known about coronavirus since, at least, the 60’s.


ETA: A little more information HERE.


The corona virus was first identified and named in 1964 by a Scottish-Canadian virologist by the name of June Almeida. Its name is derived from the fact that it looks like the sun (the corona is Sol’s outer most atmosphere, generally hidden by its brightness, but noticeable during an eclipse).

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These are kinda cute videos.

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I honestly doubt the corona virus if could take the form of a external entity would tell someone to talk to BALG of all places about itself, it would have a better time talking to people in power not people working minimum wage jobs, no job, in college, etc.

A thoughtform is pretty much a momentarily controlled parasite to put it in long terms, by what you’re saying is basically this corona virus that is speaking to you is a thoughtform of your own making as thoughtforms are aspects of their creator(s) sub personalities, so that in a way kind of defeats the legitimacy of this and more in a on some level you believe this virus is a necessary ‘evil’ to “wake up” humanity.


As well as knowing about it since the 1960’s, she did say that:

Whether this is “a thoughtform of my making” or not, I did say that it is up to each person in how they interpret it.


Covid-19 was deployed to bring much needed change in this world. It is a tool. It is a means to an end. It is a physical manifestation of events started in the astral by the gatekeepers. Nothing to fear. Just take care and enjoy the ride.


Can you please elaborate

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Enjoy while people are dying and decades of economical evolution are being destructed causing the suffering of the next years, this is you definition of enjoy?


I doubt the “gatekeepers” did any of this :roll_eyes: not everything is enacted by a supernatural force, mundane things happen, it might be hard to remember when you were once a normie but it doesn’t mean everything has a supernatural undertone.


Nah, you are breathing because of gatekeepers, you live because of them.Everything are gatekeepers .GATEKEEPERS MAN CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?!?!?!!

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Wow @cyberseeker, you got an interview with Corona-chan.

@Velenos she has an Egregore that is being powered up by both the media hype and memers.

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Lol the gatekeepers are like kids to me (not literally) besides Azazel lol I have respek for that guy.

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Yeah I understand that, but I mean being a legitimate ancient virus entity lol. Her being a thoughtform parasitic thing makes more sense plus it’s also being fueled by the many dank magicians who want to use it to be Opaf.

Lol corona-Chan

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No, its kung flu.


What nature makes, humans modify*
From spell or technology, many had to die
The virus is the connection to Earth we continue to deny
So Earth sent a message we’re too weak to defy

*-quote taken from Magic The Gathering Card “Overgrowth” cheap shot but fits the poem well.
My condolences to the losses. They suffered unimaginably before dying alone, strapped in restraints suffocating on the lungs fluids, and the nerve pain from the body going hypoxic is a terror I would only curse a serial rapist and child molester with.

While we are indoors in lockdown, emissions are going down from less ppl being on the road. Earth’s biosphere is larger than us. We ARE NOT more important than that which we are a minuscule part of…Both arrogance and hubris come at a price.

The cosmic scales recognize this occurrence as a balancing act. I don’t mean to seem cold, i emphatically feel awful for the victims, if only to the horror of each death. But the bigger picture can’t be lost. Protect your climate, reduce the impact of u making shit…replenish or allow resources to replenish…
Most of the times humans dont learn,
This is the part of us that we must burn


If what you saw was the real Covid-19 entity, and if I met her instead of you, I would probably have said…


Hey, no putting words in my mouth. I never said that. I actually said C-19 is bringing beneficial DNA changes.

It takes a lot more than that to destroy humanity. If you wanted to destroy humanity. I’d call C-19s effort nothing short of pathetic. The race is like rats - the stoic, the adaptable and the strong will survive and rebuild, every time.

People seem to have failed to get a perspective from history yet again.

Piss of C-19, nobody but the enslaved sheeple actually care. Your trite apology is meaningless and dumb as bricks. Stop that.


You’re a huge misanthrope lol. Humanity can’t destroy the earth lol. That’s an idea in and of itself that makes no sense. The earth would eradicate us if we were doing something impactful that it can’t fix in a long run lol, we can’t be “minuscule” if people constantly whine about how we’re destroying things, mate nothing and no entity is perfect, life goes on lol.

The virus is not the earths’ way of giving a message x.x it’s a natural thing.

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Not really. It just is what it is. There’s no higher purpose to people dying of diseases, and this is not that much of an ‘occurrence’. The zebra getting killed by the lion is part of a balancing act either it’s just nature doing it’s thing - feeding off itself, as nature does, the cycle of life.

Death is not horror, it just transition. The part leading to the death is pretty nasty usually, but that’s not death, it’s decay or destruction. Two very different things.

The climate is fine, don’t put that halter around your neck. We’re in a warm spot of the current ice age, and CO2 makes no difference if you actually look at the data. What does make the difference, is sun activity, which we have zero control over.

If you want to hate humanity, hate them for something real.

The planet gives no shits about it’s inhabitant either by the way - ask the 100s of thousands of baby prehistoric wales that died slowly and painfully when tectonic action the Sahara raised and stranded them alive. Was that ‘balancing’ too? No it’s just that Gaia doesn’t care any more than we should.