Examples of curses that have worked?

I have a long standing curse that I set in motion around ten years ago then forgot about. When I heard about him through mutual friends he has had no luck with relationships, his brother and mother have passed away and he can’t find a decent job. Now this person isn’t a nice person, not just to me but pretty much everyone in his life before all of this happened, so I can’t take credit for all of this as I believe he has a tidal
Wave of negative energy coming his way from many different sources.
All I had originally wanted was for him and his girlfriend to break up.
Does anyone have examples of curses that you cast that worked?
And also does anyone have a story of a curse that was cast that had unintended results possibly much worse than you thought would happen?
Just really curious as I can’t really talk about this to anyone I know in person without them thinking I’m nuts.
Thank you all

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Hello, Please go to our new magician section and introduce yourself, it is a rule on this forum.

Also if you use the search function you’ll see all the threads about successful curses. :slight_smile:
There are a lot on this forum.

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Will do! Yeah I had searched for them but they are very spread out so I was trying to get some all in one spot haha

Yes. I did one in October 2017 which is still working now.

Shitty person. Just when I think it has stopped, it finds some other new way to work.


That is how I feel as well. I don’t even have any connection to this person anymore but when I heard his mom and brother had passed I felt weird. His brother wasn’t even sick.
I hear that when you cast with the help of a deity they may wait a very long time until the target is the most vulnerable, so maybe this is why?
You can’t get it to stop can you, not that I would necessarily but it’s not even possible is it?

Check this out then, there is a section on successful curses from members on the forum. :slight_smile:


Aw yeah! You are the BEST thank you!!!

Try asking Dra’talon or Keltar for help. They’re very good and just want to destroy and/or torture your enemies :smiling_imp:


Thanks! I will look into this do you have any links for info on them? I can search as well I am also just lazy ha!

Note: To work with Keltar requires you to open a gateway so he and other Demons in the grimoire Kingdom of Flames can hear you and come to you.




Just a friendly bit of advice, laziness gets you no where and Daemons don’t like it.


It’s self deprecating humor haha it may not always be funny I get it :upside_down_face:

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Why thank you! Beautiful and the second seal looks very familiar to me.

I don’t think the OP wanted help with a curse since the one they did worked very well. I think they wanted to read stories from other people.