Ex back help

Just wondering is it possible to bring an ex back from 4 years ago who is now newly married?

please don’t go in to ethics i just need to know if it’s worth throwing something at it one time and letting it go.

She cheated on me with her work colleague so her returning will be seen as nothing more to than a sexual opportunity, followed by revenge.


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Yes, it’s possible.

However, since it has been so long, and they have obviously moved on, the obstacles you would need to overcome may make it improbable, depending on the target’s distance from you, both mentally and physically. The probability of success is higher if the target is still within your sphere of influence.

That’s up to you to decide.

If this happened 4 years ago, and you’re still holding on to it, you may want to forget about getting her into bed again, and just use something like a ritual release of hatred to rid yourself of the emotional baggage you’re carrying around. That way, you will release your burden, as well as get your revenge when her new marriage crashes and burns.


When you put it this way it makes clear sense to me. Pardon my language but I “busted” a nut earlier and I no longer want her or care.

I think your right a cord cutting may be needed :joy:

Back to what you said said about it being easier to get someone back if their within your “sphere of influence”.

My current ex left like 4 days ago and I’ll be honesty I really wish she’d come back.

She left me 2 months ago so I did a petition to dantalion using liquorice and coffee to regain contact and she came back within a week. She said she found it very hard to forget me unlike all her other exes and she had to reach out.

That being said everything was going well but we had an argument the other day which was actually my fault. She went out late with friends and yada yada you know how it goes I wasn’t happy and she said “you haven’t changed your the same” And then left again.

I feel like I can get her back again but this time I’ll work on myself at the same time.

If it’s only been a few days can I still get her back and if so what road would you suggest I take?

I’m thinking dantalion again but I’m worried he’s getting sick of me lol.

Perhaps if I admit my wrongs to him and show him I want it he’ll manifest it.


Yes, you can still get her back. She’s well within your sphere of influence.

Why not work with him to help make you into someone the ex would want to stay with? That is the one thing most people who try to get their ex back ignore: there is a reason the ex left in the first place, and if that reason still exists when they come back, then it could cause them to leave again.

A spell to bring someone back won’t necessarily keep them there, so unless you want to constantly be throwing spells at your lover just to get them to stay with you, or have to dominate their mind so completely that they literally become a shell of the person they once were, then you need to identify and deal with what caused them to leave.


I agree with you. I’ve thought many times of working with dantalion to ease my obsessive thinking and over thinking.

That being said I don’t want to work with dantalion for weeks or months in order to change myself cause as time passes she’s gonna be more inclined to move on.

So can I bring her back and then petition him to

“Ease obsessive thinking” :slight_smile:

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Kevashiel. Seriously. If you want to ease obsessive thinking about any matter at all, Kevashiel is ridiculously effective for this.
I engaged him to stop me lusting for results. Happened almost immediately.
When I was getting too obsessed with magick and just had to do a dozen or so rituals a night… called Kevashiel in and boom effect almost immediate.
I’ve engaged him for a couple of other obsessive thought issues and he’s nailed them fast every time.

I used the pathworking for him from the book “Archangel Pathworking: Raziel’s paths of power volume 2”.

Edit: This got me thinking. I wonder if he can help me with my obsessive procrastination?

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By obsessing over a 4 year long ex, you miss everything and everyone else you could come across. Think about that.

I feel you OP, I’m in basically the same situation, besides the fact that, maybe luckily, she’s about 1200 km away from me. 7 years relationship… I still have so much hatred for her I can hardly contain it and it pours all over my life… tho I hardly make it hurt others rather than myself. Speaaking of my hatred:

Knight does this ritual you mentioned take off all of the emotional baggage and release it on a target through the form of… problems?
Sounds very interesting, especially when one feels deeply wronged…
Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

A ritual release of hatred takes everything you have and basically throws it at the target. Within the ritual, you exhaust all the emotion you are carrying, and when you’re done, you should feel completely empty. Bringing the target to mind should barely even register a wisp of emotion from you.

The energy released can actually kill the target, not just cause problems, but it depends a lot on the intensity of the emotions involved.


That sounds great!! Do you have any link where I can find a full ritual?

I don’t have a link, but you can find it in EA Koetting’s book Baneful Magick.

@Jnomadik having read a number of your threads I must admit to being confused as to which ex you want to get back when.

Having said that I think the starting point for you and for any magical working is for you to be clear as to which ex you want back. You mention an ex that left 4 years ago but also then mention an ex that left circa 4 days ago and its not entirely clear which ex you want back, perhaps its not even clear to yourself from the tone of your post in this thread. Once you figure that out you can begin your ritual. I think if you do a ritual without figuring this out it will lead to conflicting and confusing results

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Can you help me with this ritual aswell? How can i do it?

If I were in your position, I’d do the following:

  • Block your ex from 4 years ago on everything.
  • Delete anything you saved of her and burn or give away anything she gave you.
  • Do a freezer spell on that bitch to keep her out of your life permanently.
  • Do a glamour spell on yourself and make yourself irresistible to women.
  • Choose one bad habit, like if you smoke, drink or over eat, and commit to overcoming that habit.
  • Date someone new.

At first I was really focused on this, “I just want my ex back.” but have been led more to working on myself. I just feel I’m being led to a better direction in which I am doing just that. I found I have been given advice and should just trust the process.

I’ve heard of some folk say that working with demons has turned their lives upside- down but honestly, not being given what I want right away has resulted in me getting a healthier outcome by far.

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Exactly. I went through this and it sounds like a big cliché cause it’s hard to accept that this person has moved on ( cause surely you’re awesome so why wouldnt they love you like you love them, right?) - but being freed from obsessing over someone who is not chasing or looking for you is priceless. Just trust the process.

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