"Evoking Into Physical Form"

Okay, I have been practicing and performing evocations for years, to which in my opinion, have had great success. I have manifested the miraculous, spoken to those Demons and Spirits beyond the veil, and have had undeniable physical experiences. This all being said, I have never evoked a being into literal, physical form. After reading “The Book of Azazel” I started to push my evocation limits a little bit more, hellbent on achieving this “physical” manifestation. Throughout the book E.A uses this exact quote a lot, “evoking into physical form”, after spending some time reflecting upon this, I have come to the question; Is “evoking into physical form” a round-about way of saying “invocation”? If this is E.A’s secret, round-about way of saying Invocation / Possession, this would change the entire context of the book… and the practice as well. Just curious if anyone else has arrived at this conclusion or thought about it at all.


No, the ‘physical form’ being referred to isn’t the operator’s form. Invocation is often viewed as a form of mild possession, and this is the version practiced by EA. Other people view it as just calling on the entity. In neither case is there an expectation that you would see a separate being.

Evocation means you see a being in front of you, usually with astral sight, so developing your clairvoyance is needed. Using incense helps as they can use the smoke to help create the form, though I find those forms unstable at my level, they’re fun.

I find I don’t usually get a full body, so be careful of expectation swamping results, let it be what it is. E.g. In my first incense evocation of Dra’talon, an eye formed in the smoke, which as it rose, saw me, changed direction and came towards my face, till we were literally eye to eye, then it dissipated and the smoke washed over my head. I enjoyed that, best hug ever. Turned out we have a history though, which explained the enthusiasm.

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It sounds like you may be expecting too much. He doesn’t mean literal physical form, like you could reach out and touch the demon. Just that it’ll take shape in some way, in the smoke, etc.

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I appreciate the responses so far, I guess what I’m really getting at is;
I have my evocation techniques pretty much mastered in my opinion, I can manifest a spirit to the point of full astral perception, perfect communication, and sensory perception that physically effects the room around me. However, in the book, E.A stresses the point of full physical manifestation, as well as using this technique towards the end of the book to bypass the demons, and instead manifest the desire. I know it sounds silly to expect to evoke a spirit into literal, flesh-and-blood form, that’s why I made the post. If you re-read the book and replace all of the “evokes” with “invokes” it changes everything. Just seeing if anyone had noticed, thought about it, or tried it with this method.

What technique do you use?

Evoking spirits into physical form? It is a metaphor meaning not literally a spirit will manifedt physically but will materialize in your minds eye in various shapes or visions, voices. Demons are incorporate beings and can not physically appear and reach out and grab you.

Hello , first let me say all the comments above are true depending on the ability .Heck lucifer comes to this plane often on his businesses !.Ll add and say that yes ,evoking to physical manifestation of goetic biengs is quite possible given conditions and your aura .
Ll ask this ,is your aura strong enough to lift a sofa ,cup or table up from the ground ? If no , then youre wayyyy off from this , lift your aura from your feet ,to your waist all up to your third eye .
Ll advise against doing this to lucifuge ,andras,leviathan and belzebuth …those 4 are "A TOTAL NO NO "for this ,try them for this at youre own peril ,.
Again also never try the lwa’s to make them appear , death is certain with them ,again i repeat dont try the lwa , they pnly manifest even in the astral at their choosing .
But for most of the goetia as per my expirience as easy once your aura is strong enough , they use it during zohal period for transition to this plane , use the energy from the zohal to fortify your aura for them to come .
This wont be often though as they dont fun of it .make sure you ensure your evocation occurs in locations according to the element they occupy e.g near water bodies for water elements e.t.c
Ensure its at deep into the night and in an abadoned location not traversed with people .
Ohh and ensure the entity you choose you have an existing pact with ,else you suffer consequences for say , using zohal energy on Satan yet youre not under his protection .
Ensure youre clean ,bath well ,be clean
Avoid sex in the follow up to this ritual .
All the best

Thank you guys for trying but I think my actual question may have been misinterpreted due to the title. I am NOT asking;

-What the difference between invocation and evocation is.
-How to perform either technique
-Or if it’s possible to actually manifest a spirit into physical form.

I think we can all agree that E.A is a very well accomplished sorcerer, as well as a very accomplished writer. I think we could all agree that he also probably has the answers to all of the questions above. What I’m getting at is that; E.A - who is very skilled at his craft, states multiple times, and stresses the fact that “evoking into physical form” is the the ultimate goal in manifesting the will, I would argue that it’s actually the bulk of the content of that book. I’m also getting at the fact that; E.A - who is also a very skilled writer, chose those words on purpose, they aren’t typos, he wrote it deliberately and made sure to drill it home. So… Why would a skilled sorcerer, and a skilled writer, dedicate almost an entire book to a concept that he already knows is seemingly impossible? I’m just proposing that he is giving out very valuable information but only to those willing to read between the lines and find it, like he stated multiple times regarding the book.

So my question still stands, has anyone caught on to this and tried any of the methods from the book using techniques of invocation rather than evocation? Sorry if I have not been clear.

I’m reading the Book of Azazel, and I really don’t think most of the book is about this at all. I’m on page 154 currently, so have a good bit of it read, and it’s been quite detailed about a number of topics.

Plus he’s mentioned this specific term in other books and videos, and has made it clear elsewhere that when he says “evoke to full physical form”, he means through a medium of smoke, mist, or something similar.

He’s even said the physical eyes will never see the demon, but only the astral eyes.

I find that he’s also very deliberate about his words. When he means invocation, he says invocation. When he means evocation, he says evocation.

There is certainly value in both evocation and invocation, but getting the two mixed together isn’t useful.