Evoking Goku

Wretched saiyans…


Chill out ningen :stuck_out_tongue:

Like klingons

The idea that you’re stronger than goku is hilarious to me.

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Lol the idea of being stronger than someone who is pretty much omni-plot armored :laughing: protagonist magick.

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MY stupid ass wants to evoke anime characters now and somehow learn from them.

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Go for it lol you might gain some insight on furthering your presence in the astral or something lol. No problem there.


I’d evoke the “the good guys” only. The villains almost make me feel sick to my stomach.

That foolish saiyan is still alive? Hmmph… Using his own body will make me learn more about the saiyan Goku… Hehehe, the zero mortals plan is near… And soon the earth will be free of mortal lives! Justice shall filful the universe!


All new balgers must make an introduction before posting on a God of Destruction’s page. Zealot

Alright i physically cannot handle the anime


Where can I do that? Sorry but me aka Zamasu is new to this forum and I’m learning about spirits I’m working with in daily life :grin:

If you’re an alt account, I’m sorry to say, but our Lady Eva will know quickly.

Go make a topic and introduce yourself, where you’re from, what kind of magic you practice and how experienced you are. If you dont practice magic, you can just say so as well, but you’ll need to add what you’re working towards/are interested.

Now stop wasting time here and go make it before I erase you :
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@Zamasu would like to talk to you. JK he’s been inactive for a year


All in good jest. I am probably not the God of Destruction, Beerus

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Chances are small he attack you. Beside on the show he tend not to show much interest in people who he considers not powerful enough for him. Goku…I respect him but his kinda a butt,not in a cruel way, his just extremely tactless way.

I’m still present but I don’t really have any updates

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Not even about the zero mortals plan?

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Well, I imagine you could create a servitor in the image of the character to spare with in the astral plane or serve some other role such as helping to improve physical training. But it would be limited within your own knowledge/skill unless the capability to learn is put into place. As far as a life source beyond the self to maintain it, you could have it feed on the attention provided by fans of the show.

It is unlikely it would attack it’s own creator randomly as well.


Zamasu Did Nothing Wrong!

Goku the monkey god " Sun Wukong" or Goku from the anime?

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Seems like the anime. Since only the anime character was noted to always try and fight someone to test himself if he sees the person might be a challenge.

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