Evoking gods I'm in need of a list

I believe in polytheism and in the ancient gods spirits just going to ask for a brief list of of God’s I can work with for certain things can be any culture not limited…

darkness chaos trickery…

lust sex carnal urges…

nature the sun moon water and fire…

dogs and cats…

demons for attacking Christianity and protection against YHWH…

I’ll list the demons and gods I have worked with…

Azazel Satan Lucifer Melek Taus…

Maat Kali Shiva Ganesha Cronos Shamash Enki Enlil Kek/Kuk Quain Yin Yama Sobek Set Quetzalcoatl Cthullu Baphomet…


I want to put together a list and a grimore for ancient gods since demonology and ancient religion is my occult interest…


Ooooh… I have some juice for ya… one sec. Oh sorry forgot :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll pm you some entities.

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Why stop at christianity? Muslims are waaay more dangerous (at least in europe/middle east) and they will most likely run us all over in 2030 because then the world population will consist of 70% muslims… they have around 8 kids per woman in contrary to most other women in civilized countrys who get 1-2 children. Soooo yeah you do the maths :joy:


Hecate is not only a deity that I would advise every sorcerer to meet at some point of their path, but is a goddess which matches most of your criteria, themes, and spheres.


What about the Demons of Persia.

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Lust/carnal urges


Orias (to influence thoughts and emotions without any words or conversations spoken to them)
ipos (to appear trustworthy)
paimon ( in conversation)
Dantalion(dantalion can also be used for love and lust)
Amducias (to bend someone to your will)


Raum (makes close friends fall in love)


That’s relatively simple. Jehovah is almost powerless, he just holds great influence.

The Angel’s are a different story. Just as powerful as the demons, just as violent, and just as deceitful as the demons if you can’t control them. At least the demons are up front about it.


Orias sounds like exactly what I need. I need my Doctors/prescribers to prescribe the meds I want (my pain meds need a serious increase, plus something added to it. Right now I’m RXd a fraction of my normal dose) and I don’t want to o thru the awkward conversation of asking my pain Dr for what I need. He and his staff always say “be honest about your pain and tolerance levels, he won’t know if you don’t tell him”. Then, when I work up the courage to tell him that the dose he has me on just doesn’t do the job effectively but it’s better than nothing, he says “well, technically I should cut you off because if the meds aren’t working then why continue prescribing them, blah, blah, blah”. I said "wait, I told you the medication itself is fine, the dosage just needs to be increased (I didn’t say majorly, but it does need a major increase because I’ve had chronic pain for more than 21 years and it’s just gonna get more and more as I get older and the joint degenerates. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, I do enjoy abusing them sometimes but my own body should be mine) He says he isn’t going to cut me off, but as far as increasing, “not yet”, and that was more than 2 years ago. I want to be able to ask an entity for what I want at the amounts, dosages, and strengths I want and need without asking my prescribers/DRs. I want to be able to think of what I want at what amounts, etc…, and not have to ask. I want the prescriber to be compelled to write me what I want and think it’s their idea and a good idea to RX me what I want, for as long as I want, and not be kicked off anywhere and not have to give anything up (and not have it take eons to get). I already talk and pray to King Paimon and Crown Prince Lucifer for a while, even ho conversations are one sided. Is Orias my guy? Would it offend King Paimon and Prince Lucifer to work with Orias? If it’s okay, how do I go about: 1). Contacting Orias and actually get answers as to if he will aid me in getting this. 2). Tell if he hears my petition and agrees to it. 3)Open up open lines of communication with Orias so that I can tell him my petition and what I need his help with, see if he’ll do it, and find out what he wants in return? What are his preferred offerings (I can offer simple things, like sweets alcohol, etc…).4). Will my swearing of loyalty to King Paimon and Prince Lucifer effect Orias’s willingness to work with me? 5). Any additional, pertinent information I need to know. Thanks to any who can answer. I’m not going to ask to be RXd everything in the pharmacy, just the stuff I want/need at the amounts, dosages, and strengths I want (and they will be realistic for him to do and not lose his license).

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As awesome as pain killers are, wouldn’t it be better to ask for a healing or a reduction in pain? It might be easier to get and cause less issues in the long run.
I’ve actually experienced what happens when meds do the opposite of what it says on the bottle, so I would be especially cautious about what you are asking.


@Jastiv I’ve been asked that and thought about it, but if I’m being honest, they are really something important to me (besides the fact that I medically do truly need them, everyone has their "thing(s) they enjoy). I have been on opioids and benzos for decades and they help me in so many ways in addition to helping with nasty chronic pain and panic disorder. So, I’d honestly like to be RXd the medications I want at the dosages, amounts, and strengths that I want. It’s a personal thing, both medically and sake. I don’t take a “euphoria dose” everyday or even as often as I’d like, but I like having them and the option to do that. It’s not like I’m asking to win a billion dollars or some crazy shit like that. I admit that it’s self indulgence sometimes, but I don’t see anything wrong with that and I would think King Paimon, Prince Lucifer, and other demons would understand this and be willing to help me achieve this. It’s not the only reason I want to work with them, but it does factor in (and I don’t steal or do fucked up things to get them, I just feel that my own body should belong to me and it should be my choice what I put into it and how much/how often).

And you’d think incorrectly.
Putting yourself on addictive substances to be bandaids for pain isn’t their idea of ascention, it holds you back and down. Since most Daemons care about this why would they bother?

I’m sure you could find some that would help you but do you have a goal for this? Something to achieve by popping pills? If they are a means to an end (and Not just pain relief) I don’t see why a Spirit wouldn’t help.

I will warn that Lucifer is about showing you the truth if you like it or not and I don’t get positive vibes from King Paimon on this, but you can ask him.
Don’t ever call on Belial though, this kind of attitude isn’t kosher to him.


@anon48957109 Yes, I have a means to an end with this, helping my chronic pain being one. These medications help my quality of life, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and more. Since I have been on these medications for decades and they aren’t toxic, don’t hold me back (in fact, they help me get things done, my day-to-day life would be a lot more difficult without them and is already more difficult than it normally is,which is pretty difficult, as well as improving my life in general), and don’t adversely effect me, I don’t understand why they would be averse to helping me obtain what I want. I have read and researched much for a long time but practiced little, and I have read in many different sources where demons help people obtain more than the small favor/assistance I am asking them for, and for far more self serving reasons than what I seek their assistance with. I also need these to complete Mortuary School and it’s concurrent apprenticeship. I am aware that they can help with such matters, but, since these medications help my day-to-day life in many ways, it seems that they would be willing to help, as I have read of them aiding people obtain things which help them and bring relief and a measure of a “bright spot” in my life. Since I experience no adverse effects from them, it seems that, since they have been known to help people with obtaining a lot more than that, they wouldn’t look down on this. Just my thoughts based on my research

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You have not actually spoken to them about this. You said you’ve only got one sided results.
Work on communicating with them. Try automatic writing and see what’s going on.

As I said before, I doubt they would all say no, I just know some would see it differently. Chronic pain is BS, I do have sympathy.
You’ve just got to find out why King Paimon and Lucifer are not responding, they did hear you.
As for Orias, ya he could easily do this and you can ask him, I don’t know if it would matter to him or not.

I would also suggest you speak to Marbas and Raphael. These are healers who could take your need for pills away all together.
I don’t know if you actually want this though as you used the phrase

Which implies you enjoy the meds which would cause issues with some Spirits such as Belial.

This is something you need to think about. Do you want the pain to go away? Or do you want the pain to go away with pills?


I have chronic pain and would do anything to make it go away, I stopped taking meds long time ago and I’ve been experimenting with other sources of relief. Not much success except stress avoidance definitely helps.

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Also the Christians aren’t as threatening anymore. The other guys will simply have as killed or covert us.


When the Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire, Christians often forced every population/area they inflicted themselves on to convert or die, at the point of a spear. That was after they raped the virgins, killed the men of fighting age that resisted, and told the enslaved survivors “your religion, which predates ours by hundreds or thousands of years is evil. And, by the way, the gods you and your ancestors have worshipped for thousands of years are now evil demons (often renaming them and, being a highly patriarchal society/religion, they couldn’t understand the concept of godesses, so they became male demons [Astarte became Astroth, etc…) and the practice of your religion is now punishable by death”. Nice religion, huh?


@anon48957109 I can answer that easily. I want the pain to be helped with pills. I gave up heroin years ago, because it got to where it was in the way more than anything. I even quit dealing. But legal prescriptions for the amounts I want of the opioids I want causes me no problems. They actually help me quite a bit in many ways. I don’t understand why a demon would have a problem with that, especially when they give me the drive, focus, and ability to get more done. I’m really surprised to hear that about Belial, as he is a demon of self governance and lawlessness. One could make the argument that being opioid and benzo dependent enslaves you in a way, but having the right meds at the right amounts, legally prescribed for legit conditions (chronic pain and panic disorder) causes me no problems. Just because I also enjoy them sometimes shouldn’t be a no-no. Do demons not want people to enjoy themselves? I’m asking this legitimately, not being argumentative so please don’t take it that way. Arguing with people is not my intention.