Evoking Eternity

The people who read the book Evoking Eternity by E.A. can u guys tell me if EVERY Spirit in that book is aimed at beginners? Even though I know the book it’s self is for BEGINNERS but does that mean all of the spirits in it are also for beginners if your new to everything? I know I want to work w/ Satan 1st because I feel like he’s calling me and I just want to evoke Belial because I read a part in Asenath Mason’s book that said he manifests as a black hooded figure and I was thinking this could have been Belial all those years ago when I was a little boy and saw that same figure standing by my window so I want to work with him too and find out if that was him or not and then just work with all the spirits in that book if there all for beginners

No, not all the spirits in Evoking Eternity are for beginners.

The book is designed to teach you the ins and outs of evocation, so the spirits range in difficulty, from easy to hard.

For example, unless you have experience, evoking the Watchtowers can be problematic because it requires power to hold them in the temple. Or controlling your fear when the Anikim pound the ground with their clubs around your circle.

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There are some great spirits from the Lesser key that will assist with your rise to power. King paimon, for example, can be a very harsh teacher, but is very generous and the insights that he gives.

Working directly with Lucifer, I have found, can be life-altering, but better be ready to do a lot of Shadow work. Once Lucifer’s light starts burning away the shadows in your soul, you will have to answer for every single one of them. Every single misgiving that you’ve ever had, every dark secret that you would rather nobody find out about, every single bitter impulsive ever had will be brought to light,

But, once you have made it through the Shadows, the light that Lucifer brings to your life will illuminate a path 2 power.

Very few of these Spirits are going to Simply give you the keys to power Without You earning them. If you are simply looking for a good start up, then perhaps you need to learn more about magic and sorcery as a whole before you start summoning demons and bringing them into your waking world.

I’m not trying to discourage you, so don’t get me wrong, but whenever you start working hand-in-hand with demons and angels and the like, you start altering who and what you are, and if you’re not ready for that change, then the results can be cataclysmic to your personal life as a whole.

Do not take this path lately, these are real entities, and they will have real effects on your personal life.


Oh okay! thanks!

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Welcome to the forum. If you are just starting out learn how to clear your aura, and how to ground too. Keeping your energy clean and clear is key.

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