Evoking Aphrodite

I’m a newbie and I have been working thru EA’s evocation mastery program for a few weeks… about a month prior to that I had been working on evoking Aphrodite. I have an idol that I put her sigil on and after the first evocation, although I was not able to actually see her I did feel a sense of her presence and the next day stopped at a stop light I had a sense that she was smiling down at me… later I read she is known for smiling a lot… which was cool…

I’ve been trying to get her to appear, but so far no luck… then I decided to just do a meditation and imagine myself doing a full evocation and seeing her appear… during the meditation I did have a brief instant where I imagined seeing her head floating over my altar, and she did not look anything at all like I expected. She had blond hair, braided, and piercing blue eyes, an amazing bright blue color… her skin was white and she was radiating a very powerful aura… so I’m thinking just meditating and imagining her appearing in a “real” evocation might be a good stepping stone to getting a “real” manifestation???

I’m just learning this stuff so any pointers are tips are appreciated…

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Any time you can give to thinking about her, focusing, building that link is time well-spent, yes - it seems like you’re making contact so far.

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Thanks Lady Eva! :slight_smile:

Even when just imagining her during meditation she seemed to have an amazingly powerful aura, and I remember thinking to myself , yea she is definitely a “god”, I may have bitten off more than I can chew… lol… it was a little surprising… I can only imagine how powerful her presence would be in a “real” evocation… Maybe I should start with evoking something lower on the hierarchical ladder first?

I get what you’re saying, but that’s a primate thing - we work our way up through the pack from being helpless infants to having some status, maybe specialised or overall towards finally the leader - either becoming him, or “having his ear” and being recognised.

And it’s great that we’re monkeys (be a bitch typing this if we’d evolved largely unchanged from otters!) but it’s not how I’ve found spirits to work, and this quote from the Book Of Azazel shows that Azazel told E.A. the same:

Basically, we co-create into being any interface between us and a spirit we’ve summoned, they may have various other ways to influence and affect us 9otherwise baneful & manipulative magick on third parties wouldn’t work) but when it comes to a face-to-face evocation, we’re a creative force as powerful in a different way as the gods and spirits we call on and work with.

So no, based on that, you don’t need to start low and work your way up, that’s not how these realms work - especially not with gods, who are accustom,ed to being called upon by everyone, children, kings, beggars and whores. :slight_smile:

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Ok cool. Thanks :smiley: !

I remember in the evocation course EA mentioned summoning gods was a little different, that they were harder to summon for some reason?

Thanks for the Greek Stoicheia thing … I will try that out… :slight_smile:

I really really really appreciate your comments and assistance!


I haven’t done that course, but I would imagine in terms of standing in a circle, and summoning them into a triangle or whatever to give them a task, then that may be difficult in most cases, they’re extremely powerful creators of reality in their own right.

But they became gods because they reliably responded to the pleas of enough humans - most of whom, don’t forget, were illiterate, and young - in order for their names to be spread far and wide, and their veneration, which IMO probably began as simple gratitude, to last for centuries, or millenia - in the case of the Egyptian gods, far longer than our own society has been under the Christian influence.

In the TV series “Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher” (which I highly recommend) she describes how a large stone was sculpted around 5000bce to represent a cow, and that it’s highly likely this was an early representation of the cow goddess later known to us as Hathor - so, that’s how long she, for example, has consistantly helped her devotees as an active force on the planet, just as she does right now!

I actually think most people would do well to work closely with gods and not just focus on demons, I know they’re more rock n’roll and a lot of people have some heavy religious programming to shake off, but the gods are wonderful, versatile, and immensely powerful.


You are awesome Lady Eva :heart:

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It’s true.

Can u pls send me a picture of her sigil

I like Aphrodite

Can she make me look pretty

shes a Goddess of Love, you are already beautiful, she will just make you see that

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