Evoke literally anyone for me


I’ve tried literally everything to get my ex back and nothing has worked. I lost so much money to “spellcasters,” tried my own spells, and have even tried evoking. If anyone out there can please help, I’ll be beyond grateful. I will literally give up everything I own to get my ex back. I feel so empty and like I might as well stop living without him. Anyone who already has a great relationship with Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, Duke Dantalion, King Paimon, Lucifer, or anyone else that can bring him back to me, please reply. I will give up anything. I refuse to completely lose him.

Why you don’t evoke him and tell to his higher self to come back to you? :slight_smile: You said that you have some experiences with evocation.

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I’m not fully awakened to do anything like that. I just get tingly feelings in my body and/or stange dreams. I still can’t hear or see. And I know that last part doesn’t matter all the time, but I need it for reassurance. The few times I’ve tried, he maybe spoke to me for a day or two and disappeared again. I want permanent.

It’s hard to achieve that when your trying something in regards about love matters.

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Understandable, becasue people chance and feelings change. Only way I’m gonna get permanent is if I have control over him, but the way I feel right about now, I’m completely okay with that.

Destiny, keep working towards evocation and trying to open up your mind. Dont let the fact that you cant get your boyfriend distract you. Want him back? Work for it.
Make him want you. Know what I mean? Always strive to make yourself better and who knows you might meet someone in the end.

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This is the last thing she/he wants to hear right now! Why people always say that, obviously the person who feels despair over a broken heart doesn’t care if the future will bring something else in their way!


You do have to realize that your ex has his own will just as much as you do, and if he is not interested in coming back to you, he will fight tooth and nail against your magick, especially if his will is stronger than yours or he has found another to love.

While you can overcome his will, it will only be temporary, and it will reassert itself eventually. You could expend the effort to break his will, but then he will NOT be the same person that you knew and claimed to love.

Another possible obstacle I see, is your obsessive need. Attachment to the outcome aka lust for result, is the biggest hurdle in magick, especially in matters of love and money. You are so desperate that you worry and doubt and fret, and steal the energy from the spell.

To be successful, you really have to not care whether he comes back to you or not. You have to expend all the emotion in the spell until it is completely exhausted and you feel empty. When you think of him there should only be a wisp of emotion and a feeling of completion.


Be aware of that @Destiny_McKoy, I also experienced on someone on which I put a love spell a loong time ago what DarkestKnight said. It will be just temporary in 80-90% of the cases… As I said, it’s hard to get something to be permanent.

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I don’t know how to just stop caring. We’ve been together the past three years. He’s all I really know. I’m ALWAYS wondering what he’s doing, if he’s moved on, if his new girlfriend will be a better girlfriend than I was, etc. And like I said before how I got minimal results, it was during a time I couldn’t think about him. Ex: It’s 2 am and I’m asleep and all of a sudden I get a call from him because he “couldn’t sleep and was thinking about me,” but that may only happen literally once or twice a month.

Also sometimes I don’t even try. It just happens. Like I could be working, then BAM. He pops in my head and I’ll have to take a long while to force him out, just for it to happen all over again. Every time I get a text, I completely know that it’s not him, but I still end up thinking, “I hope it’s him. What could he want to talk about?” I can’t stop and it’s frustrating.

It seems to me that your magick is having an effect, but you are its biggest obstacle because you can’t let go of your attachment. Your minimal results are proof of that.

You can throw as many spirits and as much power at him as you want but it will not succeed until you can release your obsessiveness.

Instead of dwelling on him obsessively every time he comes to mind, think of it like he is away at a work conference and you know it is just a matter of time before he comes home. When he pops into your head at random times, instead of forcing him out, let a wistful smile curl your lips, the way a twitterpated teenager does when they glimpse their crush. You know he’s yours, it’s just a matter of patience.


Exactly what he said. You have to feel confident, in you and your powers, you can’t just check your phone every few minutes in case he texted you or check his fb etc because this builds up negative feelings and guess what? Negative feelings won’t help you or your spell.


Moreorso, allow the magic to do its work while I learn to “let go” so if it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen, and if it doesn’t, it just doesn’t and I can wait for something better to come my way?

Yes. it might sound contradictory, but you need to know he is yours, but at the same time, be okay if the magick is not successful.

Like I said above, think of it like he is gone to a conference or something, but will eventually return. Every time you think of him, smile and be happy. Don’t worry, or doubt. He is on his way back to you; you just need to be patient.

The most successful relationships are between people who each have their own hobbies and interests, and are confident in what they have with the other. They don’t worry about what their significant other is doing every minute of every day. They know inside that the other person is with them, but at the same time, they are confident enough to know that if something were to happen, they will be okay.

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I’d say…I know its hard, cause you want him back right now, but the best way to work a love spell takes time. Think about your relationship. Not just from your perspective, see it from his side but as an outsider as well. Spot what brought you in this situation. Accept your mistakes, but be careful not to take the blame for everything. Calm your feelings…!! Don’t cast a spell or evoke a Spirit out of desperation and weakness. And after the above steps, cast spells, for separate problems that would bring you the right outcome. Now, this could be just me, but better start with you and then move to the other person. Cause when a couple break up, there’s never only one’s fault. Then work on forgiveness, break up spells, to remove other obstacles etc etc, instead of casting 8754754765 spells to bring him back. Keep it simple and let it manifest.


There is a general confusion, it would seem, that emotions are the only, and primary, vehicle of will. I will not comment on the specifics, as my colleagues have pointed out how to work a love spell rather nicely, but what I will say is that you feel, shouldn’t get in the way of what you will, not want.

In other words, wanting someone badly is not the same as wanting someone greatly. An emotional outburst is a great kick, an excellent catalyst, a powerful battery, and a huge bomb, whose main drawback is emotional attachment and entanglement. If you are to use it, place it strategically, where you know you will benefit from it, in the long-term. And this is not an instance to get emotionally involved, in your ritual, and mix lust and desire with will and power.


So many factors play into this… does he hate you right now? Did you do something to him? Is there something that must be forgiven first? Is he dating someone else by now? Etc etc etc… its is a very difficult task but it is doable


Been there and it sucks breathe and find your center. Sending you the strength and knowledge to find your light within.

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Long story short, he cheat on me with a few girls and I got tired of crying and begigng him to stop so I did it back with the hope that he’d feel how I felt all this time and stop. He flipped the situation on me and said he couldn’t trust me anymore (when it wasn’t really me). That was a while back. I’m almost positive he’s over that. One of the last times we spoke, he said, “We dated, it didn’t work out, now I want to be friends.” But none of his words match with his actions and sometimes, his words don’t match wiht his words. Just TODAY he mentioned taking me out on a date to IHOP since I didn’t get to go for my birthday a few months back. Also ever so often, he still texts my mom.