Evoke literally anyone for me

And right now, he’s not dating anyone, but he’s involved with someone, I think actually more than one. More than likely to get his mind off of me. And his friends make the situation no better. They encourage him to talk to all these girls and to just forget about me. My ex is SUPER stubborn but also listens to everyone else at the same time so they’re all in his head and he can’t do what he wants to do right now.

To cheat on a cheater is such a stupid thing to do. You should’ve left him for good (or make him feel like it’s for good) so that he would truly feel what is like to lose you. Only then he would’ve known how stupid of him was to cheat on you.

Now, for the magick part,i don’t have any experience but I do know that if you’re desperated your not getting him back. Clear you mind. The best way to do that is no contact. For at least 4 weeks. Use that time to focus on you and be a person that he’d like to get back with. And of course, use that time to work your magick.
I know No contact sucks, I was in the same postition you were.

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The first issue I see here is that, he said on a date to IHOP??? :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::scream::scream::scream::scream:… You sure you want this guy back?!

Those are the types of situations that are difficult to mend. Evoke Clementia to wash him in forgiving energies. He needs to forgive and forget before anything. Then you need to do a 7 night ritual while he is passed out asleep while visualizing and pushing your will for at least 30 minutes each night. Its tiresome but if you really want that grand slam breakfast its going to take some work. IHOP… jesus


I KNOW it’s silly!! I’ve never been and I want to know what’s so good about it lol.

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I know that now. I wasn’t thinking at the time. We had already been together for so long and I was just shocked and really wasn’t thinking.

Its a fucking diner!!! Thats not a date, thats where you go when your hung over and want greesy ass food after a 5am bender.


I could write a book about boys like him. Cause definitely he’s a boy. No man who respect himself above all and then the person he has by his side would be acting like this. I won’t tell you more about my opinion on unhealthy relationships, I’m guessing you’re extremely young as well… You’ll learn in time what to keep and what to throw out of your life. Keep in mind that Spirits are here to protect the practitioner as well, maybe, just maybe, your problem is under this category.


I had an ex that tried to use magic to get me back as well. I overcame it through sheer force of will. However, if I would have given into the obsession that he put me through, I would have abandoned my wife, and both of my kids. So that really wasn’t an option for me. I never did retaliate, but I should have.


I am so happy I’m not that guy! you obviously care about him but to completely control him wanting you is not love.

obviously do whatever you want but this could be a hige sign that he’s not right for you especially since everything you tried is not working.

there are plenty of decent other guys in the world that will be happy to have you for you. just take this time to work on your self and be with someone that feels the same some time in the future. I no it’s hard after being with someone for so long but if you just let this go and work on yourself you will look back on this in a year and see think how foolish you were to obsess over him like you did.
I’m not trying to bash you in anyway just trying to help and get you think about this from another point of view. hope everything works out and juat realize that life is not worth living because of someone else, its worth living because of youband what you bring to the world. I used to have the same types of thoughts as you and now i realize how ridiculous i was. good luck to you

I’m young and ignorant :woman_shrugging:




Idk if my piece is even useful here
But why do you want someone who cheated on your back? Idgi. As someone who currently dating five people at the same time, if I were in a serious stage of relationship (in which I’m not hoeing around) I won’t take him back. I feel like you already know logically he’s not worth it, I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you that, and nothing I will say will change your opinion.

Now we’re talking about magick, I will, as usual, recommend you to contact my goddess Aphrodite and Eros. They can help. Love spells are tricky though so glgl you’ll need it.

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Put all this energy into healing yourself and getting over it. You’ll feel better much faster.