Evoced Sallos and Dantalion. Brief weird sensation

Hi Forum members
So I’ve just done an evocation with Sallos and Dantalion. Now Sallos is my patron spirit and at his recommendation for a specific situation, I called on Dantalion at the same time. What a power evocation! Double dose of energy euphoric chills constantly running through my body, especially when I asked if they would accept and work on my petition. Now, once I had finished, I arm and leg hairs stood up as if there were some static electricity or energy in my aura. Never felt that before but I did ask for a powerful aura that would leave those who are in my presence in awe and fascination. Not sure if the static energy feeling is that coming to light. It’s literally been 7 minutes since the evocation and even now my I do feel bit dizzy and light headed but not so drained. It is becoming somewhat overwhelming in trying to navigate this energy and yet it is so positive.
Interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this static energy clinging on for a bit after the evocation.


Sounds like a job well jobbed! :smiley:

I never asked for a powerful aura to tell, but I do get a lot of presence and electrical/magnetic sensations when it’s going really well. I get a lot of emotional feedback too, and that can be a precursor to getting clairsentience, so I’d recommend writing in your journal any emotions you sense are not yours as well as your own.

@Mulberry I will definitely start a journal. Thanks for that input.

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