Every time I hear or read the word evocation, I automatically think about the entity on the other end of the line. I personally consider these entities gods. Then I think about the people making the call: gods in the making; apprentices; aspirants for ascension… . What would the Queen of England say if I were to ring her up and command her to pay and send me a pizza because I am hungry? I have a good imagination and can visulazise a number of reactions I may get. Now she is just a Queen, but how would a God react to being evoked, maybe against his/her/Its will to sort our lives out, no matter what that may be. It does not really surprise me when some of the Gods are referred to as being nasty, unpleasant or unpredictable. And are those who are referred to as being as such, are they really such or is it because they are simply insulted?


To me it’s all about etiquette really, no one likes being called up and bossed around especially if they are being asked to help with something.

Take a demon like Belphegor for instance, very helpful with a lot of things, really bad attitude about it, ain’t that right Bel?
Ok, always lovely to hear from you again bro.
Belphegor “Shut your dicksucker and go away.”

Right, so spirits like people are all individuals with their own personality, is what i’m trying to say. :grin:


That is an interesting angle charles9. I like it.

What also interests me is why the word invocation, calling upon a higher entity, is not used. For example in the title of the forum I am posting in. I mean even though some might argue we are talking about semantics, the Gods are not ignorant to the attitude that they are being evoked with, as subservients, to help summoners who need help.


Evocation is calling a spirit to manifest before you, invocation is calling a force into you, very similar but still two different things. I don’t see myself or most spirits i summon as subservients, i see them as co-partners.


That is very interesting charles9 and understandable. I presented these terms because demonolators define the two terms evoking and invoking differently. That is interesting how the same words can mean completely different things.

Imagine you sell e-books online.

People pay for your books at all hours of the day and night, some download the video you made to help, a few contact you direct.

They give you interface energy when they pay - hours of their life spent working, exchanged for your mind’s products.

Would you resent them for doing this at all kinds of times, and from a state of ignorance? :thinking:



Well, Demonolatry is technically a religion and is treated as such by it’s followers, most on this forum refuse to fall into that trap. Spirits for the most part are our allies, they want to perform the tasks they are called for because that’s the current they are in. You don’t really need to bargain with a healing spirit to heal someone anymore then you need to with one that kills. it’s just what they do.

Just be polite, if they ever do ask for something in return other then making them more famous (total attention whores) if it’s not to off the wall, do it and you won’t have any problem summoning anything.


The answer to that is no, as I am one of those you mentioned who pay from a state of ignorance. Just as I do not regret confronting that same ignorance of mine and understanding.

Heh, thats why i treat with non-physical entities as equals, just like any of my physical friends. I ask them to come over, i offer food and drink, we chitchat, and I return favors asked with favors given and almost never ever ask for stuff i cannot reciprocate. I treat them like friends and mentors, not like a cosmic vending machine. In my practice, the number one most valuable currency is attention and the number one most valuable commodity is wisdom. I exchange each of these with WILD ABANDON whenever i evoke


Thank you all for the challenging conversation. Probably Ronove had his hand in this.

DUDE - I never said “state of ignorance” - they have the money to sustain the author’s lifestyle.

Think about that for a moment, kind sir. :wink:


You’ve pretty much summed it up. A lot of the time things go wrong with Demons, because the sorcerer is being a stupid, abusive idiot.

I would say if you are evoking with that attitude you very while might make an enemy who comes after you long after that ritual is complete. Similarly, most gods have a kind of polarity to them. If you were to invoke with that kind of attitude you might not get the aspect of that god you were hoping for, lol.

LMAO man!!


Mind PMing me about what Belphegor has done for you?

I’m getting the impression he wants to/ or at least is willing to help me with wealth building/finances.

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