Who are the lesser entities i want to contact them before evocation of king demons

No better start then starting with Lucifer, hes kind, and very patient.

Yeah I agree with the above answer. Lucifer is the best for beginners. He’s quite patient. No need to worry about he being a king or anything. He has a fatherly aspect, and is quite friendly.

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Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, Seere and Vassago all deal with newbies very well.

I have either seen a video or read somewhere that if you want to work with any other entities that you should contact Lucifer first and he will introduce you to the other spirits (as he is the Crown Prince and has great authority in the Infernal Empire) you want to work with…is there any truth in that?


That also what I hear, sadly my knowledge is second hand, I’m not allowed to mutter a word of what I’m doing here, and lockdown sucks

I have a couple of questions about Lucifer.

  1. Do you have to contact Lucifer first if you want to work with the other spirits?

  2. Can Lucifer be your patron when starting on the LHP and help you get ‘initiated’ into it?

Many thanks in advance


It is true or you can find your gaurdian and go from there I have said the prayer they gave n well here I am

Lue can be your patron

That is awesome…from reading this thread, he sounds like an amazing spirit to work with and a lot of people have a lot of love for him. In your experience, what things did you undertake to prepare to make your first contact with Lucifer very successful?

I… actually didn’t prepare anything…I actually wasn’t prepared to call on him or speak to him…he made it a point to come physically to me just to speak with me…it was…not as bad as I thought he is really kind and amazing

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It depends on the hierarchy you follow, but no, you don’t.

Yes, he can. However, it is not mandatory or required. Many people walk the Left Hand Path, and have nothing to do with Lucifer.

Really…so he sought you out? Well that to me sounds like a great honour he did that. He must of been watching over you

If I am honest there are two spirits that I am very keen to work with, one is Lucifer and the other is Viné.

So if you were a beginner which spirit would you work with first to help ease you into the LHP?

And do you have to evoke them or can they seek you out?

He sought me out cause of the declaration of love I and a demon in his faction had for eachother…it was like a welcome to the family kinda thing honestly

Personally? Martal, from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame.

Yes, they can seek you out. I have not been so blessed though.

Ah I see…so he was observing you both and he saw what he liked and sought you out. You are indeed very blessed that Lucifer sought you out

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Which ever demon “calls” to you is probably the best one to start with. I personally started with Belial when I first approached demons in more extensive workings, although both Viné and Buer came through fairly quickly.


Does Martal have a benevolant nature like Lucifer?

Also do particular spirits guide you through training in certain magick; eg, Chaos Magick, Elemental Magick, etc?

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Honestly I still have no clue why he came pulled me out of a dream about bread I’ll never get to taste just to speak to me however I am indeed Happy he came cause it made me less fearful of him I can’t say blessed cuz he is known to do that with others who marry into “the family” lol just like an initiation lol