They do guide you if you ask

I haven’t felt a calling, but there are a few that I am drawn to. I know I have still have a lot of work to do on myself and that is on going through my daily practice of "Commander-in-Chief daily power ritual

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Well that is certainly a great wedding gift you received there :grinning::rofl:

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Benevolence is in the eye of the beholder. He is an initiator, and initiation is seldom pleasant.

Not really.

Entities don’t deal with “types” of magick. To them there is simply magick, though they do recognise other currents of energy besides their own.

Yeah lol I’d try to call on him if I were you he will put you on the right way

Thank you for that…You have definitely given me food for thought. I will research each of those spirits throughly and use some form of divination tool to see what the possible outcome would be with each spirit

I will research him first and get to know about him

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The thought of with working with an enitity in general has got me amped up regardless of what I am put through…the fact that these spirits want to see us ascend is just so awesome :sunglasses:

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Well has been answered but I’ll add my answer as well :sweat_smile:

1- No you don’t, is often advised that beginners starts with him because of his nature, being patient and caring and all. But you can start with whoever you feel like to, or feel pull to, or need to. If the entity you choose start with can’t work with you in the moment, he/she will guide you to some other entity that can.

2- Yes, he can. I guess firstly in some case you’ll probably need establish some relationship with him, get to know him, allow he to know, bound with him, so you can fully trust on him to be your patron and guide. In some cases you’ll just feel pulled, connected to some entity, this entity that you feel pulled to, maybe is already your patron or is an indication that he can be.
General will be about intuition and talking to them to find out.