Evocation with Fluid Condensers

Ok, so a while ago on a another forum that was taken down, someone was talking about evoking spirits using fluid condensers. Since everything got deleted on that forum including my messages with this person, I thought I would ask if anyone here knows more about this. And if none of you have heard about this, maybe this would be a cool thing to try. I have yet to try it, because I wanted to know more details but this is what I remember. Shit, I might just try it with what I can remember anyways.

So anyways, moving on, this guy basically made a fluid condenser (recipe found in “Initiation into Hermetics”) with the necessary herbal ingredients and added herbs related to the spirit being evoked and put it all in a fondue pot in the ritual area and put the fondue pot over a low flame to simmer. Then he said he would recite the conjurations for the spirit to come from the grimoire that the spirit is from. I think he said that this could be used for any spirit. Not sure though. He was boasting things like this method had a 90% chance of producing a visible manifestation of the spirit in his experience. Not in the mind’s eye. Not the crossroads. Not in the astral. But VISIBLE MANIFESTATION here. No altered state required. He said that he could see the spirit’s torso and head form from the mist of the fluid condenser clearly. I don’t know if he could hear the voice or not. Maybe it was telepathic. Like I said, I don’t have all the details, I’m just really interested in learning about this type of evocation.

As far as credibility, this magician had a really good reputation and many people vouched for the results he delivered on that forum and he told me that he would always keep it simple and evoke with this method to get results. I hate myself for not asking more details on this when I had the chance lol Anyways, doesn’t matter. If all this is true, I’m thinking that the significance of the herbs used in the fluid condenser help the spirit actually manifest in the physical during the evocation. If this can really work, can you imagine how much time and effort can be saved from going into deep trance and the crossroads and maintaining the state while stating your request without passing out?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried evocation the traditional way by following everything in the grimoire exactly (with the heptameron) and the modern way with incense and getting into trance, etc. Unfortunately not very successful for me personally and I kept having doubts because I couldn’t actually clearly see or clearly hear the spirits I was trying to communicate with. I know there’s plenty of great advice here on this topic and many of you have mastered this art. This is just another way I’m trying to explore and inquire about that would make it easier for me, if it works. And I like the idea of actually seeing the spirit in front of me taking form. Can really kill any doubts about whether contact was made or not.

So yeah, very interesting idea and I’m wondering to hear if any of you have come across this method of using fluid condensers as a manifestation base for spirits or have used it with success before.

This is the only thing I could find from several years ago:

Making a fluid condenser (you will need a large quantity for one evocation) will help to produce manifestion. You will need ye olde fondue pot and heat the fluid condenser so that a thick steam is produced. If you make the condenser properly the spirit should manifest perfectly. NOTE: You only need to use the fondue pot at the actual point in the ceremony that you call the spirit. From personal experience lavender works very well for inducing manifestation. Even if you simply have a lavender plant in the temple it will aide in manifestation.


I thought about writing and asking about fluid condensers, too a while ago.

I read the condenser can help when evoking with a mirror. I have to re-read what Bardon wrote about this topic.


Yeah I think that’s the way Bardon intends for them to be used, I have to re-read it too lol but using the steam from it as a manifestation base is something I haven’t really seen talked about almost anywhere at all. It would be a game changer if it works. If no one know much about it, I’ll have to just try it from what I already know and update all of you. Just so freakin busy with life now, I don’t have the time yet lol


I don’t think it makes a difference whether you use incense, steam or dry ice. The physical medium is secondary to the power of the occultist to be heard and the structuring he can do with his energy.


I do find this subject fascinating and I look forward to reading people‘s posts. And while I do use incense and rituals I don’t use it as a manifestation base.

In the same way you can look at clouds and see angels or look at rocks and see faces I try to use my physical senses as little as possible when Calling the ancients. For me I have found it far more trustworthy to rely on feeling their vibrations, for truly each one is different.


Same here. Most of the time they manifest anywhere but the incense anyway, most often behind me.

Once I had a really clear eye manifest in smoke that peeled off the main body and swam towards me, which was awesome, but it didn’t do it again after that. My guess is it takes too much effort and if I can sense them where it’s easiest for them to enter they’ll just do that.

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Absolutely, but this occultist I mentioned was saying it the other way around with the use of fluid condensers. That their use as a physical medium with their composition provide everything necessary for a visible appearance so that the occultist doesn’t have to work hard on structuring. Not saying I believe this, just saying it might be possible.

Oh that’s pretty cool actually, can you expand more on how to feel the vibrations of the spirits?

Belial, Azazel and Lucifer have the lightest vibration for me. Kind of like a gentle pins and needles feeling in my body. I tend to always cleanse the room I’m working in very well so that I can notice subtle vibrations.

When it’s Abaddon Lucifuge or Beelzebub The air becomes a lot thicker, and I get the sense I’m falling. It’s kind a like the heavy feeling when you’re drunk and you have that dizzy feeling.

With Baal, Asmodeus and Satan I would say the air becomes sparkly, that probably doesn’t make sense but it’s kind of like the universe opening up and you’re just floating in space and my eyes have these flashes of light very subtle and they have a very distinct pattern.

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That’s pretty cool actually, I see what you’re saying now. Thanks for sharing!

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Would you present a recipe for Fluid Condensers in this thread or should I?

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I got it:

Preparation of the Simple Fluid Condenser ~
Take a handful of chamomile flowers, put them in a pot, cover them with water, and boil for
about 20 minutes. Let cool with the lid on the pot, then strain the decoction. Boil the filtered
decoction to about 50 milliliters. Let cool and mix it with an equal volume of alcohol (for
better preservation). Add 10 drops of gold tincture. If you wish to use the condenser for your own purposes, you may add a drop of your blood or sperm, if possible both together. Filter again and keep it in a cool dark place, ready to use. Any fluid condenser prepared in this manner does not lose its efficacy even after several years. The condenser must be shaken each time you use it, and the bottle must be kept corked. In the same way you can prepare several universal condensers from Chinese tea, lily blossoms (white are best), poplar leaves, alruance roots or mandrake, arnica Montana, or acacia flowers. Any simple fluid condenser prepared from one plant is sufficient for normal use such as influencing through the elements or developing the astral senses by means of fluid condensers.

The Compound Universal Fluid Condenser ~
To achieve extremely strong accumulations of power or perform tasks that are destined to produce not only a mental or astral influence but also a material one as well, for example creating elementaries, animation of paintings and other materialization phenomena, we use the compound fluid condenser consisting of the following herb extracts: Archangelica officinalis (angelica), salvia officinalis (sage), line-tree flowers, cucumber skin, melon seed, acacia blossoms or leaves, chamomile flowers, lily flowers, leaves or roots, cinnamon flowers or bark, leaves of urtica dioica (nettle), leaves of mentha piperita (peppermint), poplar leaves, leaves or flowers of viola odorata (sweet violet), osier leaves or bark, green or dry tobacco. Three kinds of preparation are important to know. The first and most simple is to put equal parts of the listed plants into a big pot, cover them with water, and boil gently for about 30 minutes. Afterwards cool, filter and gently boil the filtrate to a thick concentrate. Now add the same volume of alcohol and add a few drops of gold tincture, and sperm and blood if you wish. Shake it well and filter into a dark bottle; cork it and store in a dark, cool place. The second kind of preparation is as follows: put the herbs in equal parts into a glass bottle, add pure alcohol until they are covered, and allow to them extract for about 28 days in a warm place. Filter it and add gold tincture, and your own mumiae of blood and sperm. Then pour it into bottles and keep them for your personal use. One of the best methods of preparation is to treat each herb or plant separately, whether in aqueous or (better) alcohol extract. After the separate extracts have been prepared, mix them together, add gold tincture and guard it. One operates in the same way with the other four special fluid condensers destined to influence by the elements. The necessary plants are: For the fire element: Onion, garlic, pepper, mustard seed or powder. This fluid condenser must not come in contact with the body, especially the eyes, because of their sensitivity. For the air element: Hazel nut, leaves or bark, juniper berries, rose blossoms or leaves, cherry bark or leaves. For the water element: Oats or straw, rapeseed, eventually turnip, sugar beet, peony blossoms or leaves, cherry leaves or bark. For the earth element: Parsley roots, leaves or seed, caraway seed, plantago leaves, carnation flower, or balm-mint. From the point of view of a layman the recipes quoted here will appear as a dreadful pell-mell, and from the pharmacological point of view one might describe them as pure nonsense. Bu the matter in question here is not the pharmacologic but the magic effect. The eyes of the expert practitioners who know the secret significance of plants, which are so very mysterious, will detect the correct connection by intensive meditation. One could compose hundreds of recipes on the base of analogies, but this outline ought to meet the requirements of the magician. All the recipes given here originate in practice and have produced fine results.

Taken from pages 119-120 of IIH. I think the magician I talked with said he used the simple formula with a few herbal additions based on what the spirit likes


What are the ways to use this fluid?

And how to use to develop the senses ??

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You would have to read the book, my friend. I dont have any experience using fluid condensers. I’m just interested in using it as a manifestation base for spirits.

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A fluid condenser can be given on the backside of a magical mirror to help with evocation.